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Cleo Abram & Christophe Huabursin

Cleo Abram & Christophe Huabursin are two of the hosts of a new YouTube series “Glad You Asked,” where they will tackle unknown mysteries, anomalies, and unexplained phenomena big and small.

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells returned to the show to share more memories of Gilligan’s Island and talk about her new web series “Life Interrupted,” which is available on YouTube.

YouTube star Matthew Santoro

Matthew Santoro is one of the biggest stars on YouTube with more than 5 million dedicated subscribers.  He’s also the author of a new book, “Mind = Blown: Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious, Insane World.”   We discussed how he became a YouTube star, how he chooses the topics featured in his segments, and what we can expect from the book.  Also:  Why “As Seen on YouTube” has replaced “As Seen on TV.”

Missi Pyle

Missi Pyle has been in every movie and TV show I’ve ever seen, including the new series “Sing It!,” which can be seen exclusively on YouTube Red.  We discussed the premise of the show, how their fake “show within a show” singing competition is actually going to have a winner voted on by the viewers of “Sing It!,” and how her mere appearance on our show gained us at least a hundred new Twitter followers.


YouTube film reviewer Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann is one of the most popular film reviewers on YouTube with over 70 million views and 400,000 subscribers.  He’s just released his first book, “The Film Buff’s Bucket List.”  We discussed how the book came out of the YouTube reviews, how this is more of a series of personal relationships with films than a volume of reviews, and how many arguments he expects will be started as a result of the contents.

YouTube stars Dan and Phil

Dan Howell and Phil Lester are two of the world’s biggest YouTube stars as well as best-selling authors.  They’re about to launch a live series of shows with “The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire,” which comes to the Chicago Theatre for two shows on May 27th and 28th (the 28th is already sold out, but tickets for the 27th remain).   We discussed their rise to fame on YouTube,  how their book deal came about, and what they have in store for fans at their live show, which may or may not involve a glitter cannon.