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Lotsa WandaVision

Bill McCormick can’t get enough of WandaVision and its role in the Marvel Universe, so we talked and talked and talked and talked about it.

Listen, Learn and Laugh Live From the World News Center

Dammit, it’s time you did something for YOU!  You owe it to yourself to take some quiet time to listen, laugh, and learn as the World News Center‘s Bill McCormick and I discuss science & stuff & items & things.  You deserve it!

The Big Wakeup Call’s 10th Anniversary Show!

We celebrated an entire decade of whatever it is we do here with calls from some of our favorite and most frequent guests, including Scott Aukerman from “Comedy Bang Bang,” Ben Gleib from “Idiotest” and the new “Nowhere Comedy Club,” Dylan Brody from “The Corona Dialogues,” Best-selling authors and fashion bloggers Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan, and the only member of the 400 timers club, the World News Center’s Bill McCormick.

We also revisited clips from some of my favorite interviews over the years, including Graham Nash, Mike Love, Dick Cavett, Kristen Schaal, Vanessa Bayer, Jim Breuer, Jim Gaffigan, and Elvis Costello.

Thank you for all of your support over the last ten years.  Thank you to all of my guests who have made the show so special.

I hope I can get at least another couple dozen shows out of this.

Back to School with Covid-19

In another visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick and I discussed why opening the schools would be a disaster, based on the fact that over 7,000 children have tested positive for Covid-19 in Tennessee alone.  We talked about the long-term damage caused by the disease, including up to 38 percent of people who recover possibly suffering long-term neurological symptoms.  Plus:  Bill eats a Lego and talks about things excrementally increasing.

All-Bacon McDiet

Bill McCormick joined the show once again from the World News Center for a chat about the latest Covid-19 news, including current vaccine trials.  No, there won’t be a vaccine available by September, but some of the trials are looking promising.  Plus: opening schools too soon, beer drinking milkmaids, and Bill & Ryan go on and all Bacon & McDonald’s diet.

Fourth of July Is a Lie

In this week’s special holiday visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick shared exciting news about a new book release, which is already being bootlegged on the streets of Shanghai for a nickel and a corn dog. We then talked about how the REAL independence day is July 2, 1776 and not the 4th.  We also discussed the Alabama Covid-19 contest, day drinking during lockdown, and hanging out with Jimi Hendrix.

Bubble Bees on LSD

Bill McCormick called in once again from the World News Center for an informative and entertaining chat about current events.  Topics included Warm & Fuzzy Japanese Robot Drone Bubble Bees, whether Molly or Prozac is better for depression, and sex, drugs & rock and roll.  Plus: Scarlet Johansson as Sailor Moon?

Back to the Movies

In this week’s visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick and I took a break from depressing current events and discussed upcoming superhero movies gradually making their way back to theaters.  Topics included:

  • A timely discussion of Miami Vice and Phil Collins
  • Justice League director’s cut coming to the HBO
  • Tips on visiting a movie theater
  • New footage from Suicide Squad
  • 1984 Wonder Woman meets Phil Collins at the MTV Awards

plus: Naughty superheroes using naughty words.

Don’t Inject Twitter Wars

In this week’s visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick and I discussed the following topics:

  •   Don’t randomly inject insulin
  •   Section 230 & Trump’s Twitter War
  •   Batwoman & Stargirl
  •   Rebellious Church Bells

plus: listen for an unbleeped naughty word!

Flamethrowing Squirrels vs. Infected Cicadas

In this week’s visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick and I discussed the following topics:

  • Bill’s Sci-Fi Nightmares
  • Flamethrowing Squirrels
  • Bill’s Nasty Note From Russia
  • Italian Hydrox Cures
  • Wal-Mart CRISPR

plus: Bill cheats on me.