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A Harm-Free Radio Show

It’s Friday, and we’re filled with girlish glee!  Thanks to a listener suggestion, The World News Center‘s Bill McCormick and I discuss a new alleged “harm-free” cigarette and how it managed to make its way through the FDA.  Plus: why you should avoid gas station supplements (not to mention the sushi), Ryan’s million-dollar fish tank, and how to save the earth with vodka.

World News Center: Let’s Take Some Calls

After Bill (perhaps jokingly) mentioned on Facebook that he’d be up for taking calls from listeners, our devoted Big Wakeup Call fanbase sprang into action, spurring lively and productive discussions about Rotten Tomatoes, Twitter, and vodka.

Summer party advice from Alison Deyette

We always have a good time when TV host and lifestyle expert Alison Deyette calls in, and not just because she always gives us some great new cocktail recipes.   Alison shared some fun ideas for summer parties, and was very impressed by my insistence that all of my guests wear white linen suits to my backyard barbecues.