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Freddy Rodriguez from “The Night Shift”

Freddy Rodriguez is an Emmy-nominated actor (I loved his work on “Six Feet Under”) who currently stars as Michael Ragosa on NBC’s “The Night Shift.”  We discussed his Chicago roots, the evolution of his character and the challenges that presents as an actor, and also further explored what happens at the JR Lemon-led live tweeting/dance party events (previously confirmed by Jeananne Goossen and Brendan Fehr).


Brendan Fehr from “The Night Shift”

Brendan felt bad about having to cancel on us last week and was happy to make time for us this morning.  We talked about the cast live tweeting get-togethers (where dancing does happen but he does not participate), how he gets into the mind of an often-troubled character, and how bonding with the rest of the cast is important when it comes to understanding each other’s characters.

Jeananne Goossen from “The Night Shift”

Jeananne Goossen plays intern Krista on NBC’s “The Night Shift.”  We talked about how the cast is settling into their roles for season two, how she approaches the role of Krista, and how she juggles emergency room choreography and realistic dialogue to give a powerful performance.

JR Lemon from “The Night Shift”

JR Lemon plays “Kenny” on NBC’s “The Night Shift.”  We talked about how his portrayal of the character has evolved, how learning more about the story points helps in his interaction with the other characters, and how well he’d be able to do motion capture moves for his co-stars (JR does much of the motion-capture for the popular “Madden NFL” series).