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Andrew Santella

SoonAndrew Santella called in to talk about his new book “Soon: An Overdue History of Procrastination, From Leonardo and Darwin to You and Me.”  Discussion topics included procrastination versus laziness, the creative possibilities provided by a deadline, the Beatles, and 16-inch softball.

Jason Simos

Jason Simos is the U.S. representative of the “Peter Sellers Appreciation Society” and called in to talk about a new 6-disc Blu-ray set: “The Pink Panther Film Collection starting Peter Sellers.”  We also discussed Peter Sellers’ career, legacy, and connection to the Beatles.

Brian Southall

Brian Southall has worked in the music industry for over 50 years and is the author of a fab new book chronicling the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ masterpiece, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: The Album, The Beatles and the World in 1967.”  We had a great chat about the Beatles and the making of the record that could have gone on for hours.

Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon called in to talk about his new children’s book, “Touch the Earth.” We discussed the book’s positive environmental message, his faith in children to help take care of the planet, his White Feather Foundation, and how this book came from  a very special and personal experience.


Laurence Juber

Laurence Juber returned to the show to talk about his new album “LJ Can’t Stop Playing The Beatles.”  We discussed the record, arranging complex Beatles songs for solo guitar, and his upcoming appearance at Beatlefest.  Plus: George Harrison blessing his baby daughter with the gift of music!

Sam Moore

Sam MooreSam Moore is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the legendary Duo Sam & Dave.  Sam will be performing at the huge tribute show to Aretha Franklin at Carnegie Hall on March 6th.  We discussed playing college shows to segregated audiences, the impact of the Ed Sullivan Show, meeting The Beatles in Germany before they were famous, and recording for the infamous Morris Levy at Roulette Records.

Tommy Roe

It was a pleasure to chat with Tommy Roe about his new book, “From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown.”  Tommy talked about why he decided to return to performing after a long absence, his experience on the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars, and opening for Sam Cooke on a tour of the segregated south.

Gerry Beckley

Gerry Beckley is a legendary singer-songwriter and a member of the Grammy Award-winning band America.  His new solo album, “Carousel,” is out now.  We talked about buying 45s (and reading the labels to find out who wrote the hits), his evolving songwriting process, and working with George Martin and Geoff Emerick.

Adam White, co-author of “Motown: The Sound of Young America”

Adam White is a veteran music writer whose work has appeared in “Rolling Stone,” “NME,” and many more.  His new book, written with Motown’s Barney Ales, is “Motown: The Sound of Young America.”  It’s full of incredible photos and illustrations from the Motown archives, as well as original insight into the founding of the label and its day-to-day operations.   We had a great discussion on the decade-long labor of love he took in putting the book together, how Motown influenced The Beatles and vice-versa, and just how controversial tambourines can be.

Slim Jim Phantom

Slim Jim Phantom is, of course, the drummer for the Stray Cats.  His new book is “A Stray Cat Struts:  My Life as a Rockabilly Rebel.”  It was great to talk to Jim about the continuing appeal of rockabilly, the amazing list of musicians he’s had the pleasure to work with (and his relationship with George Harrison) and share a little fan gushing about how influential he was in my becoming a drummer.