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Lauren Lapkus on her new show “Clipped”

You know the amazingly talented Lauren Lapkus from “Oranges: The New Black.”  She’s currently on cinema screens in “Jurassic World” and is also starring in TBS’s new hit comedy “Clipped,” which airs Tuesday nights at 10/9C.  In addition, she’s one of the funniest podcast performers ever.  We talked about her improv background in Chicago, how she develops her characters, and what we’ll see on Tuesday’s new episode of “Clipped.”  We also discuss a phrase she created with one of her characters on Comedy Bang! Bang! that almost got me fired when I quoted it (something involving Whitney Peeps and a “bloppy jay”). We’re good, though.  Lauren is the literal definition of “very funny.”

Kat Foster and JoBeth Williams

Kat Foster and JoBeth Williams are two of the co-stars on TBS’s new comedy, “Your Family or Mine,” which premieres tomorrow night at 9CT.  The impressive cast also includes Ed Begley Jr., Richard Dreyfuss and Cynthia Stevenson.   We had a fun chat about how this show presents a unique twist on a “traditional” family comedy, how intimidating that much star power on one show can be, and why they’re much, much better at acting than I could ever possibly hope to be.

Rory Scovel from TBS’s Ground Floor

Rory called in to talk about his work on “Ground Floor” and also wanted to discuss his cool new vinyl-only comedy album, recorded live at Jack White’s studio.



Michael Ian Black

Ever since I first saw him on “The State” in the mid-90s, Michael Ian Black has been one of my favorite comedy performers.  We discussed his work in “Stella” and his new show on TBS, “Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host.”   Winners receive $240 worth of pudding.