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Chris D’Elia

Chris D’Elia called in to chat about his new comedy special, “Man on Fire,” which premieres today (6/27/17) on Netflix.  We discussed saying goodbye to a set of material, how promotion is part of the gig for a comedian, and how to best enjoy live comedy in a club.


Sam Tripoli

Sam Tripoli called in to talk about his new comedy double album “Diabolical,” featuring one disc of storytelling and one where he says he completely bombed.  We chatted about how political correctness can squash the free expression of ideas, the flowchart of comedy oppression, why no one heckles a TED Talk, and being chased by a police helicopter.

Greg Proops has written “The Smartest Book in the World”

Greg Proops Smartest BookGreg Proops called us up to talk about his new book “The Smartest Book in the World,” a spinoff of his “Smartest Man in the World” podcast.  We talked about whether or not the book has become self-aware, why smart people like to write about baseball, and how he may (or may not) have achieved the all-time “points” record on Chris Hardwick’s “@ Midnight” (11 Central).

Greg will be at the Up! Comedy Club in Chicago for a podcast taping on May 13, and at North Central College in Naperville for a book signing on May 14.  Details here.

Christopher Titus on his new special “Angry Pursuit of Happiness”

angry-pursuit-of-happinessChristopher Titus called in to promote his new Comedy Central special “Angry Pursuit of Happiness,” which airs at Midnight/11 Central this Saturday, May 9.  We talked about how he’s still fueled creatively by dysfunction (and how actually being happy almost derailed his career), how he develops a theme for a special, and why it’s hard for him to let a special go without constantly wanting to go back and re-write jokes.



Brad Garrett talks about his new book “When The Balls Drop”

brad-garrettBrad Garrett called us up to chat about his new book “When The Balls Drop” and promote his appearance this Friday at Hollywood Palms in Naperville, where he’ll be doing a reading from the book, taking some questions, and showing some of his favorite episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  We also discussed the differences in writing a book vs. writing for a stand-up set and the true story of how the title of the book came about.


Ron Funches from “Undateable”

Ron Funches plays “Shelly” on NBC’s “Undateable,” which returns for season 2 on Tuesday, March 17th at 8:30 on NBC-5 Chicago.  We talked about how the careful research he did to prepare to play a bar regular, whether he considers himself an actor or comedian at this point, and how the cast developed their unique chemistry.

Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane is a fellow native of Chicago’s western suburbs and the on-air voice of Comedy Central.  His new special “I Liked His Old Stuff Better,” is now available extended and uncensored.  We talked about putting together a “new” hour of comedy, the influence of growing up in the suburbs, and how much fun it is to announce your friends’ names on TV.

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker brings his standup tour to the Chicago Theatre on January 24th.  We talked about doing an arena show vs. a club performance, the type of audience member that comes out to his shows, and how you’re never more than 8 hours from seeing one of his films on tv.