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Michael Ian Black on his new book “Navel Gazing”

Michael Ian Black is one of my all-time favorite comedians who has quickly become one of my favorite authors as well.  His new book “Navel Gazing” is a very personal and emotionally honest work that might surprise those who only know him from his on-stage persona.   We discussed his writing process for the book, how he feels more comfortable about himself as he gets older, and his ultimate goal for book-related talk show appearances.

Michael Ian Black

mib bookMichael Ian Black is a very famous comedian and actor who is also a prolific author of children’s books, and he called in to discuss his latest, “Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-Bop,” about a scat-singing rooster who wants to change his tune.  We had a very entertaining chat about what inspired him to write books for children, how this story came about, and if he insisted on “name above the title” billing.


Dave Foley

Dave Foley is a comedy legend who starred in the classic TV series “Kids In The Hall” and “Newsradio.”  He’s now featured in Ken Jeong’s new series “Dr. Ken,” where he plays a hospital administrator who is Ken’s nemesis.   We discussed why he’s fine with being called a comedy legend, my favorite Kids In The Hall sketch, how he trained to be a nemesis, and why actually being hired for the part is probably the most important factor in playing a character.

“Dr. Ken” premieres tonight at 7:30CT on ABC-7 Chicago.

Tommy Davidson

Tommy Davidson starred on the legendary comedy series “In Living Color” and is currently featured in the animated series “Black Dynamite” on Adult Swim.  He will be switching places with Corey Feldman on “Celebrity Wife Swap” tomorrow night on ABC.  We discussed how he got involved with the show, what he’d like people to see, and a special time he hosted a party for Michael Jackson.

Jennifer Bartels & Lil Rel Howery from “Friends of the People”

Jennifer Bartels & Lil Rel Howery are two of the stars, writers and executive producers of the TruTV sketch comedy series “Friends of the People,” which has its mid-season premiere Thursday night at 10:30/9:30CT.  We discussed how the group came together, why choosing a name is difficult no matter what you’re choosing it for, their writing process, and how they’ve put their own unique spin on a sketch comedy show.

Scott Aukerman on more Comedy Bang! Bang!

It’s been a while since we talked to Scott Aukerman, so we were glad to have him call in and talk about new episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang!  After an initial bout of confusion over the air time of the show (one of these days we’ll end this “Central Time” nonsense once and for all), we had a great chat about morning zoos (vs. actual zoos), the perception of the show being for hipsters & stoners, and how this fake talk show has more genuine moments than most actual talk shows.

New episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang! starring Stock Photoman are on IFC at 11/10 Central.


Trevor Moore from The Whitest Kids U’Know

Trevor Moore has a new Comedy Central stand-up special premiering Friday night (3/6/15) at 11:00 Central, “Trevor Moore: High In Church.”  We talked about what we’ll see on the special, how writing music and writing sketch comedy have many similarities, and how he feels about fans quoting his material  back to him (which I did immediately to start the interview).



Ken Marino on “Marry Me” and “Wet Hot American Summer”

Ken Marino called in this morning to talk about tonight’s new episode of “Marry Me” (8:00 Central on NBC5-Chicago).  Ken was very funny, as he always is, and talked about where they were during their week off, the depth to which he researches each role he plays, and revealed some non-spoiler details about the “Wet Hot American Summer” series prequel.

Brian Posen of Chicago Sketchfest

Brian Posen is the executive director of the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, which kicks off its 14th year Jan. 8-18, 2015.  We talked about the state of sketch comedy (Not to be confused with “The State” sketch comedy group), how the genre has evolved, and what can be expected at the festival this year.