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John C. McGinley

TheGoodCatholic_SQJohn C. McGinley called in to talk about his new film The Good Catholic, which is in theaters and on demand today (9/8/17).  After going over his entire resume (including his work with Oliver Stone), we discussed his role in the film, how his Catholic education prepared him to take on the role, and when he first knew he’d “made it” as an actor.

Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader stars in the new ABC comedy “American Housewife,” where he gets to play a character much like himself in real life.   It’s nice to see a TV dad that’s neither a blowhard nor a know-it-all nor a bumbling simpleton.   We discussed the show’s unique quirkiness, the chemistry of the cast, and why we still relate to his character in “Office Space.”

Gary Cole

Gary Cole can currently be seen on HBO’s “Veep” (for which he has received an Emmy nomination), and is currently featured in a new movie “The Bronze,” which opens nationwide on Friday, March 18th.  In addition to discussing the film, Gary also talked about the (originally unforeseen) longevity of “Office Space” and how often people quote lines back to him (even those not spoken by his character).