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Bree Condon

Bree Condon called into the show to talk about her new movie, “Bombshell,” which opens nationwide on Friday, December 20.  “Bombshell” tells the story of the Roger Ailes saga at Fox News.  Bree plays Kimberly Guilfoyle, one of Roger’s defenders.  We talked about developing her take on the character, printing up a large quantity of t-shirts, and an extra cautious drive from L.A. to Chicago.

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd called in to talk about her new movie Brian Banks, where she plays the mother of the title character.  We discussed how meeting the real people the story is based on informed her acting and how shooting scenes could get a bit intense.  Also: movie snack subterfuge.

Alicia Malone

FilmStruck host Alicia Malone called the show to preview this holiday season’s movies, including The Last Jedi, Coco, Jumanji, and The Greatest ShowmanWe also talked about how Australian culture continue to expand in the U.S., particularly in the Australian accent my 2-year-old has adopted from binge-watching The Wiggles.

YouTube film reviewer Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann is one of the most popular film reviewers on YouTube with over 70 million views and 400,000 subscribers.  He’s just released his first book, “The Film Buff’s Bucket List.”  We discussed how the book came out of the YouTube reviews, how this is more of a series of personal relationships with films than a volume of reviews, and how many arguments he expects will be started as a result of the contents.

Owen Gleiberman on his book “Movie Freak”

Owen Gleiberman was the long-time movie critic for “Entertainment Weekly” and now writes for BBC.com.  His new book, “Movie Freak: My Life Watching Movies,” is a great read — a very personal story of his life reflected through films.   We discussed how the book came about, how his reviews always gave readers a sense of who he was, and who might play him in the movie version of a book about someone watching movies.

Oscar talk with James Berardinelli

James Berardinelli writes for reelviews.net and called in to chat about this year’s Oscars. We discussed the timing of the ceremonies, the broadcast, why the Best Picture category was expanded (and why they still don’t recognize the films they should), and what movie’s got the momentum to be a winner going into Oscar night.


Michael Ealy on “The Perfect Guy”

Michael Ealy is one of the stars and executive producer of the #1 movie in America, “The Perfect Guy.”  We talked about how the movie took its shape, the breakthrough he made as an actor to get inside the mind of a sociopath, and what he learned from two of his co-stars — the legendary Tess Harper and Charles S. Dutton.

Ben Lyons on DVDs for Dads

Ben Lyons called in for his regular Digital Entertainment News segment and shared some gift ideas for Dads on DVD and Blu-Ray.  We also talked about his legendary dad (film critic Jeffrey Lyons), and of course engaged in some sports chat.  One day the DVD of Cubs World Series highlights will be a reality.


The Movie Man on SpongeBob & Jupiter Ascending

During his weekly segment, The Movie Man reviewed the new SpongeBob Squarepants movie and “Jupiter Ascending.”  He suggested each movie might be better viewed while chewing some of the “hippie lettuce” or scoring a little “seaweed.”  Remember kids, he’s not advocating; he’s just saying.

Ben Lyons from “Extra”

Ben Lyons is a special correspondent on “Extra” TV and the host of “The Sidebar” on Yahoo!  Ben was calling in to talk about good movies to watch on Valentine’s Day, but somehow we wound up talking about the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Phil Jackson, and Chicago Sting Indoor Soccer in the 1980’s!