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Tymberlee Hill from “Marry Me”

With Tymberlee Hill’s appearance on the show today, I have now been fortunate enough to interview the entire cast of “Marry Me.”  Tymberlee discussed how she knew from the pilot episode that this was going to be a special show, how the writers, directors and producers establish an amazingly creative atmosphere, and how much she values fan interaction.

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Sarah Wright Olsen from “Marry Me”

Sarah Wright Olsen plays “Dennah” on NBC’s hit comedy “Marry Me.”  It was great to have Sarah on the show, as I’ve interviewed almost all of her co-stars and I’m trying to complete the set!  (Tymberlee Hill is the only one missing now!)   We discussed tonight’s new episode, how her time in Chicago really launched her career, and how it is definitely unfair that she and her husband each star in a popular TV series, whereas in most couples, that total is less than one.

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Ken Marino on “Marry Me” and “Wet Hot American Summer”

Ken Marino called in this morning to talk about tonight’s new episode of “Marry Me” (8:00 Central on NBC5-Chicago).  Ken was very funny, as he always is, and talked about where they were during their week off, the depth to which he researches each role he plays, and revealed some non-spoiler details about the “Wet Hot American Summer” series prequel.

Ken Marino

Ken Marino is, of course, a member of the highly influential sketch comedy group The State.  He currently stars as Jake on NBC’s “Marry Me.”  We talked about the quality of the show’s writing, the development of the cast’s chemistry, and the force of nature that is John Gemberling.


Dan Bucatinsky from “Marry Me”

Dan Bucatinsky plays “Kevin 2,” one of Annie’s (Casey Wilson) two dads, on NBC’s new hit comedy “Marry Me.”  We talked about how he first met “Kevin 1” (Tim Meadows), the quality of the writing on the show, and how the cast quickly developed their chemistry.

John Gemberling from “Marry Me”

John Gemberling stars as “Gil” on NBC’s “Marry Me.”  We talked about his twist on the “best friend/wacky neighbor role,” how Gil discovers an underground world of exquisite and unique cheeses, and John’s role on Comedy Bang Bang as a very special kind of robot.

Casey Wilson

I’ve been a fan of Casey Wilson since she first appeared on Saturday Night Live.  She now stars as Annie on NBC’s “Marry Me,” Tuesday nights at 8 Central.  She talked about how she and co-star Ken Marino quickly developed their chemistry, why Tim Meadows makes the best TV dad, and when we’ll hear her sing on the show.

Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows is currently featured on NBC’s new comedy “Marry Me,” premiering Tuesday Night at 9/8c.  We talked about his role on the show, his improv background in Chicago at Second City and IO,  and how his car was destroyed during last winter’s polar vortex (and why that will never happen again).  We also bonded over our shared love of the sadly underrated “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.”