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Greg Grunberg on “Heroes Reborn” and “The Force Awakens”

It’s good to be Greg Grunberg right now, as he’s starring on a hit TV show (“Heroes Reborn”) and is also in a little sci-fi movie that’s doing pretty well at the box office.  We talked about revisiting the role of Matt Parkman (with a twist), being a part of the Star Wars universe, and how he plans to handle the very specific questions he’s expecting to field at all future comic conventions.

Gatlin Green from “Heroes Reborn”

Gatlin Green plays Emily on “Heroes Reborn,” which has new episodes Thursday nights at 8/7c on NBC-5 Chicago.   We talked about her role as a normal girl in a world of heroes, how the cast bonded despite an unusual shooting schedule, and her process of becoming a great comic-con panelist.