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Marion Ross

It was fun to catch up with Marion Ross, as she called in to talk about the paperback edition of her memoir My Days: Happy and Otherwise.  There’s really no better way to begin your day than having Mrs. Cunningham call you “my dear.”

Linda Purl

Lina Purl called in to talk about her new film, “Bender,” based on a real-life story of a pioneer family in Kansas, which I described as “Little House on the Prairie meets Sweeney Todd,” a description that Linda plans to steal (with my enthusiastic permission!).

Anson Williams

Anson Williams called in to talk about his appearance on the new “Battle of the Network Stars” (which took him 40 years to get an invitation) and share information on his battle against drowsy driving with a new product, alert drops, created in partnership with his uncle, Dr.  Henry Heimlich.

Donny Most

Donny Most returned to the show to chat about his latest projects, including a new Christmas CD, “Swinging Down The Chimney Tonight.”

Donny Most on his “Sings and Swings” tour

Donny Most is familiar to audiences from his work on “Happy Days,” and he is also an accomplished singer who is currently touring with his “Donny Most Sings and Swings” tour.  We talked about how he was a singer before he was an actor, what drew him to the music of Frank, Dean and Bobby Darin, and why the music of the Rat Pack continues its timeless appeal to audiences of all ages.