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Jordan Wolfe

Jordan Wolfe is an actor, singer, writer, composer and zombie aficionado.  He is the creator of “The Night of the Living Dead – The Musical!”  The original concept recording is out now wherever digital music is sold.   Note: This interview is complete and uncensored, containing material not included in the on-air version.

Steven Jay Rubin

Steven Jay Rubin called in on Halloween to talk about the long-lasting appeal of The Twilight Zone, as chronicled in his new book, “The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia.”

Colin Geddes, curator at “Shudder”

Colin Geddes is the curator at the streaming service “Shudder,” which focuses exclusively on horror films.  We discussed how they pick their films (horror movies — not terror movies) as well as some hidden gems to check out for Halloween.

Bill McCormick on Presidential Polls and Halloween History

Bill McCormick from the World News Center sets the record straight on a poll showing Trump would win every state, and then shares the complete and utter history of Halloween.

“Count” Domenick Dicce, author of “You’re A Vampire: That Sucks!”

“Count” Domenick Dicce has written an invaluable survival guide should one find themselves turned into a vampire, “You’re A Vampire: That Sucks!” We discussed very practical things you’d need to know to live the vampire lifestyle, including how to enjoy foods beyond blood, selecting the most comfortable coffin, and providing for one’s financial (indefinite) future.


Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Elvira called in to talk about her role as a special guest judge on the season finale of Food Network’s “Halloween Wars,” which airs Sunday night at 9/8c.  We also discussed her life and career, including her show at Knott’s Scary Farm and upcoming live appearance in Chicago.


Evette Rios on Spooky Snacks

Evette Rios is an interior designer, crafter, cook and lifestyle expert.  Evette and I have a shared love for Halloween, so I asked her to call in and share some fun recipes to help make your Halloween parties (especially grown-up ones) a success.


Zombie expert Nick Redfern

Because the safety of my listeners is of utmost importance, I felt the need to call in a Zombie expert in case things go down in a bad way on Halloween night.  Nick Redfern is the author of The Zombie Book:  The Encyclopedia of the Living Dead.   Nick mentioned how a potential Zombie virus is not that much different from Ebola or Rabies.  So that could happen…

Tyler Mane on Michael Myers and More

Tyler Mane played Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween remakes.  He talked about getting his break in the movies while still working as a professional wrestler, how he landed the role of Sabretooth in X-Men movie, and how he was recognized in Costco in a very unusual way.  His latest project is “Compound Fracture,” out now on DVD.