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Stephanie Beatriz

Stephanie Beatriz stars as Detective Rosa Diaz on the award-winning Fox TV comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”  We discussed the excitement of being back for a fourth season, the cast’s incredible chemistry, potential spoilers, and what newcomer Ken Marino brings to the set and the show.

Talking “Bones” with Eric Millegan

Fans of “Bones” know Eric Millegan for his memorable role as Zack Addy.  Eric called in to share some of his favorite memories from the show and to address potential rumors of the character’s return for season 12.  We also discussed fun of early morning call times, checking message boards, and his appreciation of all the fan support.

Chef Graham Elliot

Graham Elliot has written his first cookbook, “Cooking Like a MasterChef.”  We talked about his work on the popular competition shows, especially “MasterChef Junior,” how the level of home cook (especially among the kids) is higher than ever, and why he wanted to put together this volume.  We also talked about the current issue of MAD magazine, which features a “MasterChef Junior” parody and gave Graham quite the nickname.

Joe Lo Truglio

We always have a good time when Joe Lo Truglio calls in.   Joe is currently starring as Detective Boyle on Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”  We talked about an upcoming big, huge celebrity guest star, shared some love for the Cubs,  and reminisced about the VCR days, which led us to talking about the great Wet Hot American Summer series on Netflix.

Catch a new episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Sunday night at 7:30 on Fox 32-Chicago.

Al Jean on The Simpsons Season 27 premiere

Al Jean is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning writer and producer who has been working on “The Simpsons” since 1989.   We talked about what we’ll see on Sunday’s season premiere (Season 27 on the 27th — 7pm CT on Fox 32 Chicago), how there’s an entire generation that has never known a world without The Simpsons, and what special guests will be making an appearance this season.

Liz Shannon Miller from Indiewire on May sweeps & TV renewals and cancellations

It’s always fun to talk TV with Indiewire’s Liz Shannon Miller.  This time, we had a great conversation about failed NBC comedies, The Simpsons, The Last Man on Earth, the inexplicable continuing success of New Girl and why we both kinda like Fresh Off The Boat.  Liz also encourages me to follow my dreams of writing a very mediocre, by-the-numbers, middle-of-the-road stupid sitcom.   I just might do that.

Terry Crews

Terry Crews plays Detective Sgt. Terry Jeffords on Brooklyn NineNine and is also the host of “World’s Funniest Fails.”  We talked about bringing back family-friendly television moments, how he developed his sense of humor, and the family atmosphere on the set of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Robin Lord Taylor from “Gotham”

Robin Lord Taylor plays Oswald Cobblepot AKA The Penguin on Fox TV’s “Gotham.”  We talked about when he knew that this was a very special series, how he tranforms physically and mentally into character, and how the immersive environment on set brings out the best in all of the actors.  There’s a new episode of Gotham tonight at 7CT on Fox-32 Chicago.

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John Skogmo, Excutive Producer of “World’s Funniest Fails”

“World’s Funniest Fails” is a new one-hour unscripted comedy series premiering Friday, January 16th on Fox, hosted by Terry Crews.   We chatted with executive producer John Skogmo on the concept of the show, the nature of a “fail,” and how family-friendly TV is returning to Friday nights.

Chef Graham Elliot

Graham Elliot is currently seen as a judge on Fox Tv’s “Masterchef Junior.”  We talked about the incredible skills displayed by the young contestants, what continues to surprise him on the show, and why some kids think he’s too nice of a judge.  I also pitched him on opening a new restaurant near my house.