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Chef Ilan Hall on Season 3 of “Knife Fight”

Chef Ilan Hall called in to tell us what to expect this season on “Knife Fight,” which returns with all-new episodes tonight at 10/9C on the Esquire Network.  This season the setting has moved to Ilan’s restaurant in Brooklyn, and we talked about the more competitive nature of NYC chefs vs. LA chefs, what he thinks the toughest challenges are in a cooking competition, and why the grand prize for winning is still absolutely nothing (other than a ceremonial knife).


Jay Larson from “Best Bars In America”

Jay Larson is a comedian and the co-host of “Best Bars In America,” which returns for season two tomorrow night on the Esquire network.  We talked about Chicago bars, stand-up comedy, day drinking, and how his liver should win a special honorary Emmy award for its tireless work on the series.

James Watt from “Brew Dogs”

James Watt from “Brew Dogs” joined us and we had a fun conversation about what’s new for this season (such as if there will be any more awkward nudity it will be hard for us to un-see), his current favorite style of beer, and his take on the craft beer movement in America.  James also settles a long-running morning show dispute for us.   Make sure you listen all the way to the end to hear James’ surprising declaration.

“Brew Dogs” returns for season 3 this Wednesday night at 9 on the Esquire network.