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This episode punched up by Colin Jost

In BIll’s first visit to the show in 2020, our original topic of the history of calendars was quickly abandoned, and we decided to take a look at some of the new superhero movies coming up this year.  Topics included New Mutants nightmares, Disney’s no-no naughty words, a gentler & cuddlier Venom, and Wonder Woman moping out to The Smiths. Plus: Black Widow’s big payday, and Colin Jost punches everything up.

World News Center: The Un-Show

Bill McCormick from the World News Center called in for his weekly segment where we proceeded to talk about unnecessary Disney remakes, unnamed future Marvel movies, unneeded humble bragging, and unrealistic chances of portraying Namor. Plus: unbelievable amounts of overlapping dialogue and unnerving uncomfortable pauses.

World News Center: America Worships Rodents

In this chat with Bill McCormick from the World News Center, we discussed a wide range of topics, including:

  • How Jesus visiting the temple turned into drinking with rodents
  • Why Punxatawny parties are more fun than hanging out with Keith Moon
  • How the magic pennsylvania water makes phil immortal.  why doesn’t the same water make a better beer?
  • U.S. Anglophile’s inexplicable obsession with the British royal family
  • Why, despite the Fox-Disney merger, you’ll never see Tinkerbell flying around the castle in front of a remake of Porky’s.
plus, as always:  overlapping dialogue!

World News Center: Getting to know your bathroom

In our weekly chat with Bill McCormick from the World News Center, we discuss getting to know our bathrooms intimately during the current nasty flu outbreak, and then segue seamlessly into a look at 2018’s upcoming superhero movies.   Plus: Ninja Turtle murder porn, the death of pinball, and Bill babysits my kids.


World News Center: Thor is a Disney Princess

The World News Center’s Bill McCormick called in to chat about the fallout from Disney’s acquisition of Fox, including Thor becoming a Disney princess and the potential death of Deadpool.  Plus:  Netflix vs. the FCC and whether we’re heading back to the dial-up days.

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin called in to talk about her latest movie project, “Walt Before Mickey,” about the beginnings of Walt Disney’s career.   She and the rest of the cast of “Fuller House” are pretty much sworn to secrecy by Netflix, but she did give us a couple of interesting nuggets.

Sam Palladio from “Nashville” and “Strange Magic”

Sam Palladio is the voice of “Roland” in Disney’s new animated feature “Strange Magic.”  We discussed why Brits are so good at southern accents, how he restrained himself from totally geeking out when meeting George Lucas, and why he hopes he’ll soon be an action figure.