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No Snow(pack) No Show

This week’s visit from the World News Center‘s Bill McCormick was inspired by the millions marching on climate strike.  We discussed the consequences of our shrinking snowpack, based on Bill’s conversation with some climate change-denying farmers.  Plus: Ice storms in the south, snakes in the snow, puddles leading to pesticides, and the Farmer’s Almanac surrenders.

Dr. Ross Salawitch

Dr. Ross Salawitch is a professor in Atmospheric Science at the University of Maryland and the co-author of a new book. “Paris Climate Agreement: Beacon of Hope.”  We discussed what the agreement means, what each country has pledged to do, and what impact a new U.S. administration could have on the agreement and the environment.

Bill Nye

Bill Nye (The Science Guy) called us up to chat about his new book “Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World.”  We discussed climate change from a health, terrorism, and energy perspective, and how small changes now can have a huge impact down the road.  We also talked about his new design partnership with Nick Graham on a signature line of bow ties, and if he’s still actively engaged in an energy feud with Ed Begley Jr.