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Chip Davis

Chip Davis is the biggest-selling Christmas music artist of all time as a founding member of Mannheim Steamroller.  The band is celebrating the 35th anniversary of their first Christmas album with a new tour, which comes to the Rosemont Theater on Friday, December 20.

Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada called in to talk about his returning gig hosting The 86th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, airing this Friday (12/15) at 8/7c on the CW.  We also discussed why the “Chips” merchandise when I was a kid only kind of sort of looked like him.

Jim Brickman

Award-winning pianist and composer Jim Brickman called the show to promote his new holiday album, A Joyful Christmas.  We talked about Jim’s own radio show, tracking down celebrity guests in an unusual way, and how he’ll have to skip the levitating piano and pyrotechnics when he plays at Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville this Sunday.

98 Degrees

Press PhotoJeff, Nick, Justin and Drew — 98 Degrees — called in to talk about their new Christmas album, “Let It Snow,” and their upcoming tour, including a stop in the Chicago area at the Genesee Theatre on December 16th.  We also discussed having a new generation of fans and why you can always use more sleigh bells.

Mary Lane Haskell

Mary Lane Haskell stars as the lovely & sweet Miss Moody in Dolly Parton’s “Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love,” which airs again December 23rd at 8CT on NBC.   We discussed how she approached the character, setting herself in that time period (and playing an “old maid” at age 26), and the force-of-nature incredible awesomeness of Dolly Parton. (including her My People Fund which is helping those who lost their homes in the Great Smoky Mountains wildfires.)

Donny Most

Donny Most returned to the show to chat about his latest projects, including a new Christmas CD, “Swinging Down The Chimney Tonight.”

John Oates

it was great to have John Oates return to the show, this time to talk about his fun new Christmas single, “Santa Be Good to Me,” which features a fun, modern lyric backed with a traditional-style holiday tune.  We discussed working with an amazing studio band like the Time Jumpers, how working with a tight established band differs from working with an assembled group of studio musicians, our love of vinyl, and what we’re going to read in his upcoming memoir to be released next year.

Diedre Hall

Diedre Hall has played Dr. Marlena Evans on “Days of Our Lives” for decades.  I was once so addicted to “Days” I basically needed an exorcism to get over it.   Diedre is now starring in a new movie for Hallmark Channel, “My Christmas Dream,” which premieres this Saturday night at 8/7c.  We discussed the family atmosphere at  Hallmark, shooting a Christmas movie the heat of July, and the timeless message of the movie.


Willie Aames

Willie Aames is featured in a new movie for Hallmark Channel, “Every Christmas Tells a Story,” which premieres Saturday night at 8/7c.  We talked about our love for traditional holiday movies, the family atmosphere at Hallmark Channel, and working with the great Lori Laughlin.

Bill McCormick on KFC, Meat Glue & Christmas Traditions

Bill McCormick joined us from the World News Center to chat about the holiday season, including Christmas traditions, the origin of Jesus’s name, St. Nicholas’s temper, KFC, and Kobe beef — now with Meat Glue(TM).