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Judy Tenuta

We had a very fun chat with Judy Tenuta, unexpectedly chatting about the geography, demographics and architecture of my hometown of Aurora, Illinois.  Judy also sang us a song, shared the tenets of “Judyism,” and plugged her hosting gig on “Gotham Comedy Live” on the AXS TV network.



Riley Elmore from Team Adam on “The Voice”

Riley Elmore is one of many contestants from the Chicago area, and he recently won his battle round against fellow Chicago guy Jason Warrior.   Riley has been called an “old soul” for his love of jazz and the music of Frank Sinatra, but he’s clearly learning from the best as he continues to advance on the show.  We discussed the valuable advice he’s received from Adam, how he prepares himself for the spotlight, and how his new-found confidence helps him shine.

Sa’Rayah from Team Alicia on “The Voice”

Last week we chatted with Chicago’s Jason Warrior, and this week it was a pleasure to welcome Jason’s colleague, the very talented Sa’Rayah.   We discussed her feelings on losing the battle round but getting to move on after being stolen by Alicia (after also receiving a strong pitch from Blake), why she feels she was destined to be where she is at this space and time (after overcoming some unbelievable odds), and how she knows she has a duty in her position to represent Chicago in a positive way.

Jason Warrior from Team Adam on “The Voice”

Jason Warrior is a Chicago native and is currently competing on “The Voice” as a member of Team Adam (after being stolen away from Team Alicia).  We discussed his unique perspective on the competition, how he’s a positive role model as he represents the city, and what was the best piece of advice he’s received from being on the show.

Emily Paster, author of “Food Swap”

Emily Paster is a food writer and blogger who is also the author of a terrific new book, “Food Swap,” filled with recipes and ideas for making your own pickles, jams, and bread and sharing with a local food community in the form of a “food swap.”  We discussed how to get involved in a food swap,  how to successfully host a food swap event, and how the DIY canning/jarring movement has participants of all ages (and isn’t the exclusive domain of Logan Square hipsters).


Virginia and Elaine Madsen

Virginia Madsen is the producer and her mom Elaine Madsen the director of an acclaimed documentary, “I Know a Woman Like That,” which is being released on DVD and Digital HD on May 10th.  We discussed the philosophy behind the film, the struggles of getting a film about “old people” distributed, and what viewers of all ages can take away from it.

Ira Robbins on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ira Robbins has been covering rock and roll for more than 40 years as publisher of Trouser Press magazine and now on the Trouser Press website.  We had a fun chat about the evening’s events, why Kid Rock inducted Cheap Trick, who’s left in Chicago’s lineup, the grumpiness of Steve Miller and why we can’t see a live broadcast of the show.


Kate Flannery on her new film “4th Man Out”

Of course you know Kate Flannery from her memorable portrayal of “Meredith” on NBC’s “The Office.”  She was also a member of The Second City touring company and a star in many productions by Chicago’s Annoyance Theater.  We talked about her career in Chicago comedy as well as her current projects, including the film “4th Man Out,” which is in theaters and on demand today.

Steve Wilkos

Steve Wilkos is currently in the middle of season 9 of “The Steve Wilkos Show,” and he called in to catch us up on what we may have missed and what we’ll see going forward.  We also talked about the changing neighborhood around Wrigley Field (Steve grew up just blocks from the ballpark) and whether or not this is the year.

“The Steve Wilkos Show” airs weekdays at 10am and 5pm in Chicago on WCIU.

Alex Meneses from “Telenovela”

Alex Meneses is a Chicago native and a critically-acclaimed actress who is currently featured on NBC’s Telenovela.  We talking about growing up in Chicago in the 70s and 80s and watching the old Channel 26 (Spanish language channel), the chemistry of the cast, and why she maintains ties to her hometown.

New episodes of Telenovela are on NBC Monday nights at 7:30 Central.