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Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall, TV icon and host of over 5,000 episodes of “Hollywood Squares,” called in to talk about his role in narrating a new documentary on Rose Marie, “Wait For Your Laugh.”  Peter talked about his lifelong friendship, her amazing career, and why this is the best documentary in the history of ever.  Plus:  Peter sings a few bars of “Chicago” and talks about his love for the Cubs (his son, Pete LaCock, played for the Cubs in the ’70s).

Rich Cohen

Best-selling author Rich Cohen called in to chat about our life-long Cub fandom and his new book, “The Chicago Cubs: Story of a Curse.”  It was fun sharing memories of going to Wrigley Field in the 70s and commiserating over the heartbreak all Gen-X Cub fans experienced with the 1984 team.

Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay Arnold returned to the show to talk about the new season of “Dancing With The Stars,” her new partner Jordan Fisher, and of course about her relationship with Grandpa David Ross.


Mike Schmidt

MLB Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt called into talk about his serious battle with skin cancer (Stage 3 Melanoma) and a new initiative from CancerCare, “Your Cancer Game Plan.”  It was also a thrill to talk to Mike about baseball memories of him always destroying my Cubs and his thoughts on whether the Cubs can repeat.

Dave Winfield

MLB first ballot Hall-of-Famer Dave Winfield called in to talk about his partnership with Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, where he and other MLB stars talk about people who made a difference in their lives.   We also talked about playing in Wrigley Field as a member of the Padres, why student athletes should play more than one sport (and take time off during the year), and why Cubs fans should climb down off the ledge.

Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay Arnold is the dance partner of Grandpa David Ross on “Dancing With the Stars.”  We discussed David’s surprisingly agile moves, how they’ve bonded as a team, and how she was blinded by the 108 diamonds on David’s World Series ring.

Tom Verducci

Tom Verducci is the senior baseball writer for Sports Illustrated and a two-time National Sportswriter of the Year.  His new book is “The Cubs Way:  The Zen of Building the Best Team in Baseball and Breaking the Curse.”   We discussed how the team assembled by Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer goes far beyond the “moneyball” statistics (including the notion that team chemistry is a real and very important thing), how it took a complete overhaul of the business model as well as the on-field product to build a winner, and why Joe Maddon gave up on trying to cure Jon Lester’s yips.


Motivational Speaker Rick McDaniel

Rick McDaniel is a motivational speaker and the author of several books, the latest of which is “Comeback: Overcoming the Setbacks In Your Life.”  Rick explained how the comebacks of the Patriots in the Super Bowl and the Cubs in the World Series can give us lessons on how to overcome setbacks in our own lives and prepare for our triumphant comeback.

Lenny Dykstra

Even though I grew up a Cubs fan, I’ve always had a fascination with and an inexplicable love for the ’86 Mets, so it was great to have Lenny Dykstra on the show to talk about his fascinating new memoir “House of Nails.”  Lenny and I discussed his hitting the first night game home run in Wrigley Field (twice), why the Cubs will go all the way, why he chose to use PEDs, and the right way and wrong way to approach the game.


Ron Darling

Ron Darling is an Emmy-award winning MLB analyst and of course a former major league pitcher.   His new book, “Game 7, 1986: Failure and Triumph in the Biggest Game of My Life” chronicles his experience as the starter in the deciding game of the ’86 World Series. It’s a refreshingly honest look inside the mind of a top athlete, and we had a fun chat about why he decide to write the book, the vulnerability of professional athletes, and how the 2016 Cubs can possibly live up to expectations.