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Jesse Brown from Canadaland

Jesse Brown is the host of the #1 Canadian podcast, “Canadaland,” and author of the entertaining and enlightening new book “Canadaland’s Guide to Canada.”  We discussed what “Sorry” really means, why Canada doesn’t really want you to move there, and the importance of Tim Horton’s in Canada’s sense of pride and nationalism.  Also, as required by the laws of Canadian Content, we talk about beer and hockey.

Jim Koch from Samuel Adams

Jim Koch is the founder of the Boston Beer Company and brewer of Samuel Adams beers.  We chatted about the perfect beer pairing with pizza & wings, how Chicago & Boston had a difficult sports century before recent success, and why we should all unite behind the Patriots.



Samuel Adams founder Jim Koch

Jim Koch started the craft beer movement in America more than 30 years ago with the launch of Samuel Adams.   Jim tells his story and shares some business advice in a new book, “Quench Your Own Thirst: Business Lessons Learned Over a Beer or Two.”  We discussed what the beer scene was like in America when he started in 1984, why he actively supports other craft brewers (profits from the book will go toward making microloans for small businesses), and how it’s taken 30 years to get to a 1 percent share of the beer market.

James Watt from “Brew Dogs”

James Watt from “Brew Dogs” joined us and we had a fun conversation about what’s new for this season (such as if there will be any more awkward nudity it will be hard for us to un-see), his current favorite style of beer, and his take on the craft beer movement in America.  James also settles a long-running morning show dispute for us.   Make sure you listen all the way to the end to hear James’ surprising declaration.

“Brew Dogs” returns for season 3 this Wednesday night at 9 on the Esquire network.