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Jake Brennan

Jake Brennan called in for a fun chat about his “Disgraceland” book and podcast.  Topics included Kurt & Courtney, the Ramones, Phil Spector, Elvis, and the Beach Boys.

Mike Love

Unleash The LoveMike Love returned to the show to talk about his new solo album “Unleash The Love.”  It’s a double set featuring unreleased songs and a bonus disc with new versions of Beach Boys classics.   We discussed why these songs remained unreleased for so long, learning Transcendental Meditation from the Maharishi, traveling to India with the Beatles, and why Mike and George Harrison are Pisces Brothers. Plus: why the Beach Boys and the Beatles never worked together or did a co-headlining tour.

William McKeen, author of “Everybody Had An Ocean”

Author William McKeen called in for a fun chat about his new book “Everybody Had An Ocean: Music and Mayhem in 1960s Los Angeles.”  We discussed how many casual music fans (and even some dedicated Beach Boys fans) may not know about the connection between the Beach Boys and Charles Manson,  what drew so many musicians to L.A. in the ’60s, and how the hippie philosophies of peace, love and acceptance might unfortunately led to their downfall.