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John Hannah

John Hannah is an award-winning actor you know from “Four Weddings and Funeral” and “Marvel Agents of Shield.”  He’s starring in a new drama called “Transplant,” which you can see Tuesday nights at 9 central on NBC.  

Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler is a legendary actor – I had his face on a t-shirt when I was a kid. He is also a best-selling author, and his newest book is the second in the award-winning “Alien Superstar” series called “Lights, Camera, Danger.”


James Cromwell

Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning actor James Cromwell called in to discuss his new movie, “Emperor.”

Mark Feuerstein

Mark Feuerstein joined the show for a chat about his current, recent, and upcoming projects, including his latest movie, “Babysplitters,” which is now available on demand and all digital platforms.  We also discussed “Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later,” “Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant,” “The Babysitters Club,” and of course “Royal Pains.”

Damon Herriman

Damon Herriman, who recently played Charles Manson in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” called us up for a chat about his new movie “Judy and Punch,” a re-imagining of the classic story.

Clive Standen

It was nice to welcome Clive Standen back to the show for a chat about his new show “Council of Dads.”  Will there be new additions to the circle?  Will Tom Everett Scott return to the show as a ghost? Listen for the spoiler-free details!

Ed Begley Jr.

After a lengthy absence, Ed Begley Jr. called in to the show for a chat about Earth Day and what we can do to help take care of our planet as we take care of ourselves.

John Rhys-Davies

John Rhys-Davies called in to talk about his role in “I Am Patrick,” where he plays one of three versions of St. Patrick, in this case elderly St. Pat.  John told a compelling story of the history of the movie and the Saint, gave us an inspirational talk about getting through our current situation, and finding the Word in troubled times.


Brian Baumgartner

Lots of fun chatting with Brian Baumgartner, who called in to promote his new movie One Last Night. We also discussed our shared experiences on our high school speech teams, the ubiquitousness of The Office, and how to handle multiple takes of eating snack foods.


Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd called in to talk about her new movie Brian Banks, where she plays the mother of the title character.  We discussed how meeting the real people the story is based on informed her acting and how shooting scenes could get a bit intense.  Also: movie snack subterfuge.