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Lash Fary

Hollywood gift guru Lash Fary returned to the show for a fun chat about what will be in the “Everyone Wins” nominee gift bags for the Academy Awards this year, including some amazing trips, rejuvenating procedures, carefully-crafted booze and some interesting edibles.


Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

DSC_8046I had so much fun last week talking to Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan from Go Fug Yourself about throwing an Oscar bash at home that I wanted to have them back on to give their thoughts about the fashions at Sunday night’s ceremonies.   We discussed whether or not fashion is “back with a vengeance,” surprise fashion winners, and why after the bonanza of Oscar-related free stuff I got last week this week so far I’ve received nothing. (Perhaps that portion of the segment was slightly self-indulgent.)

Lash Fary

Lash Fary is the gift guru behind Distinctive Assets, the company that provides the much-discussed gift bags given to nominees at major awards shows.  This will be their 17th year handling gifts for the Academy Awards.  Lash answered my many questions about the gift bags (with which I’ve always been fascinated), including whether or not there is an actual bag, how the gifts are chosen, and the feedback he receives from the celebs.  Plus:  why any negative reaction to the gifts make no sense if you really think about it.

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan from “Go Fug Yourself” called in to offer their helpful hints on throwing a red carpet-style Oscar party at home.  Along with party drinks and snacks, discussion topics included everyone being an hour late, Canadian Tuxedos, amateur Project Runway competitions, and floating heads.

Ryan Jay

Ryan Jay is a nationally syndicated radio film critic who joined us to talk all about last night’s ceremonies.  We discussed the best picture announcement debacle, Oscar fashion, and Jimmy Kimmel’s performance.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is an Academy Award-winning actress who is currently starring in the new movie “The Meddler.”  We discussed her character in the film, the amazing supporting cast (including fellow Oscar winner J.K. Simmons), and whether or not her status an executive producer on the film gave her a weightier status on the set.   We also shared stories of winning awards (since I won a Listener’s Choice radio award, we’re practically equal peers  in the industry).

The Movie Man on the Oscars

Last year, The Movie Man correctly predicted ALL of the major Oscar categories.  Listen to his picks for this year’s awards, and also learn why he’s staying home to watch this year and why Hot Tub Time Machine 2 needs a gallon of bleach.