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MIKE NESMITHOne of the greatest sentences ever spoken to me in my life happened just before this interview: “Ryan, I’ve got Michael Nesmith on the line for you.”  It was an absolute thrill to chat with Mike about his new book, “Infinite Tuesday:  An Autobiographical Riff.”



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  1. Very Interesting….as a member of The Southwest FOB in Dallas, his thoughts are exactly what every garage band wants to do….our records were a fantastic adventure for us also…..2 of our band became England Dan and John Ford Coley…….great memories…..

  2. First, Nez sounds just the same as always – except more open and happy. He seems like he enjoys talking about things now when before you be lucky to get two words. And yes, the accent still makes me swoon!

    I’m about halfway finished with the book right now and bewildered by the people complaining about his writing style… it’s called autobiographical riffs. It’s stream of consciousness …it’s Nesmith what did you expect? I wasn’t really sure either and maybe I’m enjoying it because I was thinking of what a Nez autobiography would look like.. Obviously, I’m little disappointed there wasn’t more about the Monkees – because it was his launching pad but understand what more is there to tell? Davy and Micky have already written books. I completely respect him not throwing dirt on anyone or discussing anyone else’s business other than his own. It was amazingly honest for him and I’m sure difficult to talk about his many recreational activities, as well as personal business and financial failures. He’s perfectly honest about the memories as the way they are in his mind now. It may not be hundred percent accurate but it’s his memory, and at no point does it really come across like he’s just making stuff up. I also got to hand it to him for admitting that always being labeled the difficult Monkee was a little bit of truth and a little personality misunderstandings; he explained from his perspective what was going on if he was difficult and surly, he admits when it was more of youth, overwhelming issues, confusion and concern and when he was just being a serious jerk. It is what one should expect from him – straight shooting.

    I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning more about Michael Nesmith as opposed to Monkee Mike. As far as him giving himself some serious props on successes (and not glossing over failures of his own), considering how crucified Mike, Peter, Davy (RIP), and Micky were by the media – and ridiculed by peers – from the start, and even to this day, I feel he’s earned the right to gloat some.

    Also, if you read this book and you have not read his novel, The America Gene, check it out! It really makes you understand a behavior almost all celebrities fall victim to.

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