Couple Days Off

The Big Wake Up Call will be taking a few days off to recover from all of our Oscar party-related shenanigans that we’re certain we’ll be having (invitations should be arriving at any time now, no doubt about it) and we will return LIVE on Thursday, March 3 with special guest Jon Foo, star of the upcoming CBS series “Rush Hour,” and Bill McCormick from the World News Center.

Friday, March 4th we’re LIVE with Louise Harrison, Beatle sibling (sister of George), who is bringing the tribute band she manages, Liverpool Legends, to New York city to re-create the Beatles’ 1964 concert at Carnegie Hall.   We’ll find out if someone will cut off a lock of faux Ringo’s hair.  (Or  faux Ringo’s faux hair.  We’re assuming that’s a Beatle wig!)


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