Mark Bego

Mark Bego is a best-selling author who has written books about Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, and the Supremes. Mark called into the show to discuss his new book “Rocket Man: The Life of Elton John.”

Land Sharks are Here

In this week’s episode, Bill McCormick and Ryan Gatenby discuss the troubling new discovery of an actual, real-life land shark. Plus: surfing kittens, murderous carrier pigeons, disguised dodos and rapid robot replacements.

Patrick Sharp

Blackhawks legend Patrick Sharp dialed us up for a chat about the current NHL season, the status of the Blackhawks, the return of Coach Q to the United Center, and how local communities can win rink upgrades and the chance to hold an NHL pre-season game.

A Seaweed Cancer Cure?

In this week’s episode, Bill McCormick and Ryan Gatenby share some follow-up information on last week’s story about the Green Valley Alzheimer’s treatment, and then discuss Mojo Vision, the new “smart” contact lens.  Is it an eyeball implant like Michael Jackson in Thriller?  Is it as much fun as watching televised eye surgery? Plus: Blade Runner, Hover Boards, and Windows Phones.

Rachel Bertsche

Best-selling author and Chicagoan Rachel Bertsche called in to discuss her new book “The Kids are In Bed,” about how parents need to carve out time for themselves and not feel guilty about it.  We shared our experiences with our four-year-olds and how we can maintain an identity other than that of a parent.  Plus: Rachel does her best to help me get a free Peloton bike.

World News Center: Medical Mystery

In this extra-long plus-sized episode, Bill McCormick joined us from the World News Center to discuss the mysterious story of how an Alzheimer’s treatment achieved FDA approval in record time.  Also: No, Wal-Mart isn’t giving away $75 gift cards, we get a prank call from a whistleblower, and Bill has hurt feelings.

Rob Belushi

Chicago’s own Rob Belushi called in to say hello to his grandmother in Naperville and talk about his new GSN game show, “Get a Clue,” as well as give us an exclusive insider look at the role of game show judges.

Curt Menefee

Curt Menefee returned to the show for a chat about what went wrong with the Bears 2019 season and his new show “America’s Top Dog,” which premieres Wednesday, January 8th on A&E.

This episode punched up by Colin Jost

In BIll’s first visit to the show in 2020, our original topic of the history of calendars was quickly abandoned, and we decided to take a look at some of the new superhero movies coming up this year.  Topics included New Mutants nightmares, Disney’s no-no naughty words, a gentler & cuddlier Venom, and Wonder Woman moping out to The Smiths. Plus: Black Widow’s big payday, and Colin Jost punches everything up.