2019 End of the Year Show!

It’s the end of another year of The Big Wakeup Call!  We close out the radio year and take a look back at 2019 with our special guests Scott Aukerman, David Wain, Dylan Brody, Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan, Bill McCormick, and a special musical performance from Laurie Berkner!

The Big Wakeup Call’s 2019 End-of-the-Year show is sponsored by Hotel 99, Same Day Mattress, Dayquil, and Dollar Health Club.

Bree Condon

Bree Condon called into the show to talk about her new movie, “Bombshell,” which opens nationwide on Friday, December 20.  “Bombshell” tells the story of the Roger Ailes saga at Fox News.  Bree plays Kimberly Guilfoyle, one of Roger’s defenders.  We talked about developing her take on the character, printing up a large quantity of t-shirts, and an extra cautious drive from L.A. to Chicago.

Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams is the chief legal affairs anchor of ABC News and the host of A&E’s Live PD. He’s also hosting a new show, Court Cam, which airs Thursday nights at 8 central, also on A&E.

Ariane Szu-Tu

Ariane Szu-Tu is an editor at National Geographic Kids, and she called in for a chat about their latest book, Bet You Didn’t Know! 2: Outrageous, Awesome, Out-of-This-World Facts.  It’s a fun book full of colorful illustrations and fascinating fun facts.  I learned why my Batman shirt may be the reason I didn’t do as well on my exams as I should have.  I also got the true reason why an entire section on pizza facts had no mention of Chicago.

Chip Davis

Chip Davis is the biggest-selling Christmas music artist of all time as a founding member of Mannheim Steamroller.  The band is celebrating the 35th anniversary of their first Christmas album with a new tour, which comes to the Rosemont Theater on Friday, December 20.

Mark L. Walberg

Mark L. Walberg is the long-time host of “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS, and is also hosting “Temptation Island,” which is headed toward the two-part season 2 finale this Thursday (12/12/19) on USA Network.  We discussed some of the events of this season, how his role as host also incorporates being a counselor, and a spoiler-free hint and teaser what we can expect on the finale.

Will Vought

Will Vought has joined the cast of the multiple Emmy Award-winning “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” for season 3.  We discussed his character (an Army Major who wants to be Bob Hope), the accuracy and detail of their 50s setting and re-creation of the era’s comedy scene, and his on-screen relationship with Midge.

Steve Gold

After accidentally discovering the stage panels from the 1969 concert, Steve Gold rescued the historic lumber, and inspired by Woodstock’s themes of peace and love, coordinated an event with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.  We discussed how he found the stage panels, the historic importance, and continuing the message of peace and love.

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno was the Season Six Bachelorette and was on Season 14 of “The Bachelor”. She called in for a chat about radio, moving to the suburbs, and how to juggle work and family.