Patricia Richardson

Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress Patricia Richardson called in to talk about her new movie “Cubby,” which is available on Video on Demand and all digital platforms.  Patricia also had some strong thoughts on the sitcom format, including battles between writers and actors, network interference, and where the laughs can actually be found.

Don’t Sun Your Buns

In our weekly chat, The World News Center’s Bill McCormick and I discussed a variety of topics, including why you probably shouldn’t take medical advice from Instagram “influencers” (aka the medical consequences of perineum sunning). Also: despite what you’ve seen on “Seinfeld,” turkey and red wine will not knock out your girlfriend so you can play with her vintage toys.  Plus: “Squanto Was a Jerk” revisited and the lying deceitful chicanery of “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”


Judge Gino Brogdon served more than a decade in Atlanta’s Fulton County, overseeing cases including celebrity misconduct, disputes involving professional athletes, professional malpractice and more. He’s now the host of daytime TV’s newest sensation, Personal Injury Court.  We discuss what we’ll see on upcoming episodes, plus the food and weather in Atlanta & Chicago, Youngstown Ohio chili, and unfortunate radio station forehead tattoos.

Bob Harper

Bob Harper joined our 7-timers club, and, by his excellent and inspired suggestion, will be receiving the official Big Wakeup Call 7-timers tiara. Bob called in to talk about how his life has changed following his heart attack, and how he using his experience to educate and inspire others.  Bob’s appearance on this show back on 2016 really made me take a hard look at my health and eating habits and inspired a 35 pound weight loss.

10 Minute Express Brain Change

In a shiny, happy, very uplifting, and 100 percent positive visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick and I discussed more great news regarding the progression of treatments for early stage dementia and concussions.  Plus: The operating room Gospel of Luke, a 10 minute express brain change, ensuring a good head of hair on your corpse, and Bill’s longhand legal pad novels.

William King

William King, founding member of the Commodores, called in to chat about his career and the band’s participation in the upcoming 2020 Ultimate Disco cruise.  Topics: How “Night Shift” wasn’t originally considered to be released as a single, opening for the Jackson 5, and the dedication of their fans.

Monkeys & Robots v. Humans & Dogs

Bill McCormick called us up from the World News Center to discuss the shortcomings of robot airline pilots (Yay! an actual job where humans are still necessary…for now). Maybe it’s just me, but for me, one of the most important parts of an airplane flight is the landing. We also discussed how the eventual battle for the future of civilization could come down to Monkeys & Robots v. Humans & Dogs.  Plus:  A shoe box full of $20s and fake radio DJ voices.

Harley Pasternak

What do Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Adam Levine, and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? One – I can’t get any of them to return my texts.  Two – they all work out with trainer Harley Pasternak, who called in with some helpful hints on proper training and recovery.  Harley talked about the myths about “strengthening your core,” shared some tips on using CBD for recovering from a work out, and promised he’d do his best to help me get a text back.

Cyndi Lauper

Grammy, Tony, and Emmy Award winning singer-songwriter )that’s 3/4 of an EGOT!) called in to talk about some of her newest projects as well as her work as a spokesperson for the 8 million Americans dealing with symptoms of psoriasis.

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos called in after a year-long absence (fortunately, it neither something I said or did that caused it) to talk about the Purina Dog Show, including their #DogThanking promotion.  We also checked up on our dogs Yuki and Whinnie.