Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf called in to discuss his new movie “Inside Game: Telling the true story of the NBA Betting Scandal,” which is now in theaters and on demand.  We talked about how much work in research went into the film and getting input from the real-life characters.  We also naturally talked a bit about the current state of the NBA.

Gavin Edwards

Gavin Edwards is the author of “Kindness and Wonder:  Why Mister Rogers Matters Now More Than Ever.” We discussed what Mr. Rogers meant to us growing up and why its timeless messages can (and should) reach a new generation of kids…and adults.

Alicia Dennis

Alicia Dennis is People Magazine’s Senior Editor of Crime.  She’s also the host of “People Magazine Investigates,” which returns Monday night at 9:00 Central on Investigation Discovery.  We talked about what’s in store for this season.

Stephanie Ruhle

NBC News correspondent and MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle called in to talk about her “Modern Ruhles” podcast.  Discussion topics included getting a little bit better and smarter, the “alpha male,” and how subtle things can impact a child’s perception of gender roles and responsibilities.

Felicia Day

It was a fun visit with returning guest Felicia Day as she called in to promote her new book “Embrace Your Weird.”  We talked about our experiences as weird kids and how we were able to harness our mutual weirdness and turn it into a career.  With help from her book, you can do it, too!

WORLD NEWS CENTER: The Storming Cell Phone Security Scare

In an extra-special bonus-length segment, The World News Center’s Bill McCormick called in to discuss the many problems caused by the storming of the SCIF, including a lengthy talk about the vulnerabilities of cell phones.  Also: Flip phones from Target, the machine that goes “ping,” Jackson Pollock coverage maps, and the secret location of the rich people portal.

Missi Pyle

Missi Pyle returned to the show after being away for 3 years (but she assured me it was nothing I said and/or did) to talk about season 2 of “Impulse,” which is now playing on YouTube. Missi plays the mom of a girl with the power to teleport.  It took a long time, but I’m accepting the fact that my generation is now playing all the moms and dads.  How am I pushing 50?  Where did the ’90s go??? Anyway, we had a fun chat about moms and kids and DNA and podcasts and cheese.

Pete Correale

Pete Correale called in to the show for a chat about his new stand-up album “For Pete’s Sake.”  We talked about the adventures of being a marathon spectator, listening to classic comedy albums, and juggling a show from city to city.

Mick Hucknall

Simply Red lead vocalist Mick Hucknall called in to talk about the band’s 12th album, “Blue-Eyed Soul.”  We had a lively chat about songwriting, recording in the studio with a live band, what his original songs mean to him, why the concept of bands being regionally popular is an anomaly, and whether or not we’ll see Simply Red perform in the States.

World News Center: Hot Sauce Dojo

In his latest visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick invited me into his Hot Sauce Dojo for a quick game of Ghost Pepper Pizza Roulette.  We then had a not-at-all disturbing chat about re-animating the dead (the scientific way), an update on the trade war’s impact on farmers (and hot peppers), and Bluetooth porn.