Devyn Simone

It was a very fun chat with renowned matchmaker Devyn Simone when she called in to talk about how to navigate the world of dating apps. Am I considered a pioneer wife online but before smart phones? We connected through the old “Onion Personals.”

Can I Borrow a Feeling?

Bill McCormick called in once again from the World News Center for our weekly visit.  Today we discussed how the physiological and emotional benefits that come from tactile affirmation of your personhood are superior to that which is achieved through means of modern medicine.  Or as we knew it in the ’80s – Hugs, not Drugs.  Plus: we debut our new feature-in-feature:  “Amp Chat.”  Email us your questions about the repair and maintenance of vintage amplifiers and we’ll help you out.  Amp Chat is sponsored by amperes.  it’s not just about the watts — it’s also the amperes.  And by woofers.  kicking the ass of tweeters since 1934.

Fabio Viviani

Top Chef fan favorite Fabio Viviani dialed us live from one of his award-winning restaurants to help celebrate the upcoming National Coffee Day, which truly needs to be a national holiday.

Cara Santa Maria

Very fun chat with award-winning science journalist and host of the popular “Talk Nerdy” podcast.  Cara called in to talk about the new National Geographic 2020 Almanac, for which she wrote the foreword.  Among other topics, we had a very serious(?) discussion on what brought down the Neanderthals and how it could affect modern humans.

Laurie Berkner

I was very happy to have Laurie Berkner return to the show for her third appearance.  We talked about her new album “Waiting for the Elevator,” along with the challenges of being an independent artist and label owner in the current music industry of streaming and downloads.

No Snow(pack) No Show

This week’s visit from the World News Center‘s Bill McCormick was inspired by the millions marching on climate strike.  We discussed the consequences of our shrinking snowpack, based on Bill’s conversation with some climate change-denying farmers.  Plus: Ice storms in the south, snakes in the snow, puddles leading to pesticides, and the Farmer’s Almanac surrenders.

Kate Black

Kate Black is the co-author, along with June Diane Raphael, of the book “Represent: The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office & Changing the World.”  We had a lively discussion about her inspiration for the book, her collaboration with June Diane Raphael, how to (and how not to) begin your campaign, and getting a testimonial from Hillary Clinton.

Over-the-Counter Exoskeletons

Bill McCormick gave us a ring on a special day and time from the World News Center with an update on an item we discussed nearly a year ago involving breakthroughs made in treating paralysis. Other topics: military waterbeds, a caveman patents fire, and erratic editing.  Plus: we tease an upcoming super fan amazing announcement.

The Sound of Shrinkage

In his latest visit from the World News Center, Bill McCormick led a discussion on scientific truths and myths about shrinking things (I’m realizing just now we should have tackled Shrinky Dinks.  Plus: Bill’s onesie factory, Sid and Marty Krofft, defending Ant-Man, 100 pound golf balls and 3-D printing giant brains.