World News Center: Let’s Take Some Calls

After Bill (perhaps jokingly) mentioned on Facebook that he’d be up for taking calls from listeners, our devoted Big Wakeup Call fanbase sprang into action, spurring lively and productive discussions about Rotten Tomatoes, Twitter, and vodka.

Ian Doescher

Ian Doescher, author of the “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars” series, called in to talk about his new series of “Pop Shakespeare” books, beginning with “Get Thee…Back to the Future!”

Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz returned to The Big Wakeup Call to talk about her new movie, “Breakthrough.” We discussed the challenges of playing a character based on an actual person, how she prepared to play a mom, and how she’s working on recording some tunes.

Tara Strong

Returning guest Tara Strong called in for a chat about the final season of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” where she has voiced Twilight Sparkle for more than 200 episodes.  We discussed how she’s been a part of the lives of multiple generations of children, how it feels to say goodbye to a character, and shared some insight on recording sessions for animated features.  She was also kind enough to say hello to my 3-year-old daughter in character as Twilight Sparkle.

Jessica Yellin

Emmy Award-winning journalist and former CNN chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin joined the show to talk about her new novel, “Savage News.” We discussed why she wrote a novel versus a memoir, how she got a glowing testimonial from Amy Schumer, and the impact of “fake news” on journalists and newsrooms.