William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner made his debut appearance on The Big Wakeup Call when he called in to talk about his upcoming appearance at the Rosemont Theatre on March 8, where he’ll be hosting a special screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, followed by a conversation and Q&A.  We had a fun chat about re-visiting his films, thoughtfully answering fans’ questions, and if we’ll see a tour for the 30th anniversary of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (my favorite of the series…and incidentally the one he directed).


Heather and Jessica from Go Fug Yourself

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan joined the BWUC Five Timers’ Club when they called in for a chat about Sunday Night’s Oscar ceremony, including the best and worst dressed, any indicators of future fashion trends, who was the most surprisingly dressed, and Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper revisited.  Once I get the presses running again in my basement, they’ll get the official 5-timers commemorative t-shirt and certificate of achievement (suitable for framing).

Joe Minoso

Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso joined the show to talk about tonight’s crossover episodes of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, beginning tonight at 8 CT on NBC-5 Chicago.  Joe and I also discussed the stupidest Chicago winter ever and his roots in the area.


Alicia Malone

Film expert and TCM host Alicia Malone returned to our show with her thoughts on the upcoming Oscars and to chat about some of her favorite films.  Watch Alicia on the red carpet during ABC’s coverage on Sunday.

Mark Greaney

New York Times #1 Bestselling Author Mark Greaney joined the show once again to discuss his new novel, the latest in his popular Gray Man series, Mission Critical.  We talked about his travels, his writing process, the surrealism of writing in coffee shops on the road, surrounded by writers who want to be him, and how he stays organized (or not) while working on multiple books at once.

Lash Fary

Hollywood gift guru Lash Fary returned to the show for a fun chat about what will be in the “Everyone Wins” nominee gift bags for the Academy Awards this year, including some amazing trips, rejuvenating procedures, carefully-crafted booze and some interesting edibles.


Robots, Zombies, and Robot Zombies

Bill McCormick from the World News Center called in to totally run what had been a very pleasant Friday with stories about slow motion Ebola, homicidal deer, self-sustaining robots feeding on flesh, and satellite-eating robots building a death star.

Andrew Zimmern

Four-time James Beard award winner and Travel Channel star Andrew Zimmern returned to the show for the first time since 2016.  After catching up a bit, we discussed his new book (and kid lit debut) AZ and the Lost City of Ophir, featuring a boy, his travels, and of course, his food.

Marion Ross

It was fun to catch up with Marion Ross, as she called in to talk about the paperback edition of her memoir My Days: Happy and Otherwise.  There’s really no better way to begin your day than having Mrs. Cunningham call you “my dear.”