World News Center: c2e2 preview ‘n’ more

Bill McCormick called in once again from the World News Center on a bright and beautiful Friday to preview his appearance at c2e2 next weekend. Bill will be calling in live from the acoustically perfect basement of McCormick Place (no relation).  Plus:  more on Black Panther, the CW superhero lineup, making more realistic action figures, and for the 19th time, folks, Easter is not Ishtar.

Nell Scovell

funny partsNell Scovell is one of the funniest people in the history of ever who has written for The Simpsons, Late Night With David Letterman, Murphy Brown, Newhart, The Muppets, and many more.  Her new memoir is “Just the Funny Parts…and a Few Hard Truths About Sneaking Into the Hollywood Boys’ Club.”  A fun interview talking comedy with one of the greats.

The Amazing Kreskin

kreskinThe Amazing Kreskin made 88 appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and has also been on with David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon and more.  He continues to be the world’s leading mentalist. His off-broadway show debuts on April 12th at Theatre Row-Lion Theatre in New York City.  We discussed how he first landed an appearance on the Tonight Show, his relationship with Johnny and Dave, and his experiences in Chicago.  Kreskin also graciously agreed not to read my thoughts (or least not to announce them on the radio).

Kristen Casey

rock monsterKristen Casey’s new book is “Rock Monster: My Life with Joe Walsh,” where she shares stories from her time spent with the Eagles legend.  We discussed how it’s possible many members of popular 70s and 80s bands are still alive, why her book isn’t meant to be salacious or sensational but a story of overcoming addiction, and what it was like to tour with Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band.

Arabella Oz

arabella ozArabella Oz called in to talk about her feature film debut “When the Starlight Ends,” which is out now on DVD and Digital HD.  Discussion topics included getting live feedback vs anonymous online reviews, auditioning, support from her dad (Dr. Oz), and whether or not she and I are competing for the same parts.

Andrew Santella

SoonAndrew Santella called in to talk about his new book “Soon: An Overdue History of Procrastination, From Leonardo and Darwin to You and Me.”  Discussion topics included procrastination versus laziness, the creative possibilities provided by a deadline, the Beatles, and 16-inch softball.

Jimmy O. Yang

9780306903496Jimmy O. Yang called in to talk about his new book “How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents.”  We discussed how he learned English from watching BET (which led to his high school rap group), How to American, How to Asian, and why you should always eat Chicago pizza within a 5-minute radius to a bathroom.

Carl Hoffman

y648Carl Hoffman is a New York Times Bestselling Author who called in to discuss his new book “The Last Wild Men of Borneo: A True Story of Death and Treasure.”  We talked about his travels to Borneo, the true tales that inspired the story, the 80 countries Carl has visited, and the one U.S. state he hasn’t.  The book is indeed a “ripping yarn.”

Bobby Cannavale

unnamedEmmy Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated actor Bobby Cannavale called into promote the release of “Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle,” out now on digital, and coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on March 20th.  We also discussed Boardwalk Empire, how we’re both members of the “old dad’s club,” and unfortunately ended on a down note with a chat about the Jets and the Bears.

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson returned to the show to talk about his new book “Survive Like a Spy.”  We discussed newer and more present dangers, how to know if you’re being followed, tactical pens, and the value of a nut on a string.