Graeme Edge

Moody Blues drummer and founding member Graeme Edge called in to chat about 50th anniversary shows of “Days of Future Passed,” including a PBS special, as well as the third annual Moodies Cruise.

Other Moody Blues interviews:

John Lodge

Justin Hayward

World News Center: How do you regulate evolution?

Bill McCormick from the World News Center joined the show for a lively and enlightening discussion on artificial intelligence and whether or not it can be regulated.  Also: evolutionary timelines of humans and computers, procreating robots, and let’s just knock off the vaping.

Rob Huebel

Rob Huebel joined the show as part of his all-out media blitz to promote his YouTube Red Series Do You Want to See a Dead Body?  Rob talked about pitching the show with dead body storyboards, getting his celebrity friends to play along, and shooting a scene on a nude beach while dealing with nude beach bullies.

Jeff Rossen

Jeff Rossen called in to talk about his new book Rossen to the Rescue, filled with practical hints and tips that might just save your life.  We discussed how “don’t panic” is terrible advice, covering up your webcam, and the Pope’s endorsement of duct tape.

The World News Center chats with A-list celebs

After pausing to reminisce about our respective Thanksgiving days, Bill McCormick and I discussed income inequality, going out of your way to be offended, why there’s never a private audience on the Internet, FaceTime sessions with A-list celebs, working with James Brown, and where are Oprah’s Pontiacs now?

Mike Love

Unleash The LoveMike Love returned to the show to talk about his new solo album “Unleash The Love.”  It’s a double set featuring unreleased songs and a bonus disc with new versions of Beach Boys classics.   We discussed why these songs remained unreleased for so long, learning Transcendental Meditation from the Maharishi, traveling to India with the Beatles, and why Mike and George Harrison are Pisces Brothers. Plus: why the Beach Boys and the Beatles never worked together or did a co-headlining tour.

Sebastian Bach

sebastianbach18andlifefinalcoverSebastian Bach called in to talk about his memoir  18 and Life on Skid Row.  We discussed our mutual love of rock and roll bios (particularly Springsteen’s & Keith Richards’ “Life”), why he didn’t turn to a ghostwriter, and how his love of KISS inspired him to share his stories.

World News Center on Copyrighting Comic-Con

Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center to talk about trademark infringement cases involving the terms “Super Hero” and “Comic Con.”  Plus:  becoming a Furry Award-winning author and Green Lantern’s catcher’s mitt.

The Movie Man Reviews Rotten Tomatoes

The Movie Man (@6secondreviews) called in to share his thoughts on “Justice League,” “Wonder,” and “The Star.”  Plus:  thoughts on Rotten Tomatoes, getting rich 20 cents at a time, and why you’re better off watching most movies at home.

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen, host of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and owner of the Sexiest Hair in America according to People Magazine, called in to talk about the National Dog Show and how you can help raise money with @Purina and #DogThanking. Plus: we create a “fantasy dog” game for the dog show, and chat about the Cubs and Cardinals.