World News Center: Don’t Play With Squirrels

no squirrelsBill McCormick from the World News Center joined the show in his weekly Friday segment to talk about a variety of topics, including how not to play with squirrels, why we won’t see a bridge or a chunnel across Lake Michigan, rebooting Spider-Man again, losing one’s mind over Dr. Who, and an update on the Thor & Hulk buddy comedy.

Anson Williams

Anson Williams called in to talk about his appearance on the new “Battle of the Network Stars” (which took him 40 years to get an invitation) and share information on his battle against drowsy driving with a new product, alert drops, created in partnership with his uncle, Dr.  Henry Heimlich.

Nate Berkus

It was fun catching up with Nate Berkus and picking his brain about how to renovate the kitchen in my new place.   Nate says your kitchen should be a reflection of who you are and should also be timeless.  Does that include avocado green appliances?  Listen and find out!


The World News Center Imports Chinese Photons

Bill McCormick from the World News Center called in to calm everyone down regarding teleporting Chinese photons and their potential use for evil.  Plus:  quantum entangled baseballs, cats renting apartments, becoming Rick Dees, and the lifesaving power of EDM.

Ralph Natale

Ralph Natale was the first mafia boss to turn federal witness.  He shares many of his stories in a new book, “Last Don Standing,” by Larry McShane and Dan Pearson.  Ralph talked about why the wrote the book, how honor and loyalty are lacking in today’s world, and also gave us his plan for eliminating terrorism.

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells returned to the show to share more memories of Gilligan’s Island and talk about her new web series “Life Interrupted,” which is available on YouTube.

Bill McCormick Ruins Your Weekend

Bill McCormick called in live from the World News Center on what began as a bright and beautiful day but soon turned into a dark day of impending doom.   After a brief chat about  Spider-Man Homecoming, we soon learned about self-aware artificial intelligence that is likely to overtake and consume humanity.  Plus:  Fearless evil meme algorithms, racist twitter bots, and computer-caused pandemics.