Patricia Wells

Patricia Wells is a five-time James Beard Award winner whose new book is “My Master Recipes.”  We discussed expanding my cooking techniques, how she learned more about cooking while looking at the book, and why the microwave isn’t used in traditional cooking methods (but shouldn’t necessarily be tossed out a window).


Kate T. Parker

Kate T. Parker is a professional photographer who has a wonderful collection of girls being themselves in the new book “Strong Is the New Pretty.”  We discussed her inspiration for the photos, the story she hoped to tell, and why girls should feel more empowered.


Greg Proops

It was fun to catch up with Greg Proops after a two-year absence.  His book, “The Smartest Book in the World” is now out on paperback.  We discussed the revolutionary changes made in the new edition, why it’s necessary comedians to have a distinct point of view, and translating the spoken word to the written page.  Plus:  insulting fellow comedian Dylan Brody and his most disliked interview questions.


Laurence Juber

Laurence Juber returned to the show to talk about his new album “LJ Can’t Stop Playing The Beatles.”  We discussed the record, arranging complex Beatles songs for solo guitar, and his upcoming appearance at Beatlefest.  Plus: George Harrison blessing his baby daughter with the gift of music!

Dylan Brody

Dylan Brody is a critically acclaimed playwright, humorist and storyteller. His new comedy special “Dylan Brody’s Driving Hollywood” is available now at Next Up Comedy and also coming soon to a theater near you (if you’re in Chicago and live near the Apollo Theatre).   We discussed his early days of doing stand-up comedy and what we can expect on the special.  Plus: a personal insult from Greg Proops and a Robin Hood-esque dead dog story.