Dr. Michael Cohen analyzes the election

Dr. Michael Cohen is a professor and data scientist at George Washington University as well as the creator of the “Congress In Your Pocket” app.   We discussed the election results, including how the pollsters were completely wrong, why the media couldn’t predict what transpired, and how this election will change how data and trends are interpreted going forward.


Gerry Beckley

Gerry Beckley is a legendary singer-songwriter and a member of the Grammy Award-winning band America.  His new solo album, “Carousel,” is out now.  We talked about buying 45s (and reading the labels to find out who wrote the hits), his evolving songwriting process, and working with George Martin and Geoff Emerick.

A Superhero Movie Update from the World News Center

On this week’s update from the World News Center, Bill McCormick skipped all of the scary stuff and gave us the latest on Wonder Woman and Dr. Strange, as well as more news on the reboot/retread of “Starship Troopers.”

Taylor Barton and G.E. Smith

Taylor Barton is an accomplished singer-songwriter and the author of a new children’s book, “Pedro ‘n’ Pip,” that not only has a strong environmental message, but also an original musical soundtrack, on which Taylor collaborated with her husband, legendary guitarist G.E. Smith.   We discussed why she chose a combination of music and narrative to reach kids with her message, as well how the book was inspired by being on tour with Bob Dylan — and what Bob might think about being portrayed in the book as a Rock and Roll Octopus!

Frank Stallone

Frank Stallone called in to chat about the World Series, his musical influences, the importance of radio growing up, why he’s the only musical member of his family, and why he’s currently losing an Instagram war to his brother’s dog.


Ahmet Zappa

Ahmet Zappa called in to talk about the new documentary “Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words.”  We had a fun conversation about Frank’s legacy, working with Ahmet’s mother on the film, and why Frank was a hero to most of his fellow artists.

William Katt

We had a good time catching up with William Katt as whe chatted about his new movie “Subterreanea” and shared some fun memories of “The Greatest American Hero.”



Damaris Phillips

Damaris Phillips was a big winner on “The Next Food Network Star” and her show “Southern at Heart” is fun, sweet and charming.   After giving her the necessary and appropriate kudos for her ridiculously addictive fried pickles recipe, we got down to business discussing how to make the holidays stress-free and waste-free when it comes to food prep.


Riley Elmore from Team Adam on “The Voice”

Riley Elmore is one of many contestants from the Chicago area, and he recently won his battle round against fellow Chicago guy Jason Warrior.   Riley has been called an “old soul” for his love of jazz and the music of Frank Sinatra, but he’s clearly learning from the best as he continues to advance on the show.  We discussed the valuable advice he’s received from Adam, how he prepares himself for the spotlight, and how his new-found confidence helps him shine.