W. Bruce Cameron

W. Bruce Cameron is the author of  the best-seller “A Dog’s Purpose,” which has over 300,000 Facebook fans and is soon to be a major motion picture.  We discussed the genesis of the book, converting it to a screenplay, and his work as an animal advocate.

Serious Science from the World News Center

World News Center bureau chief Bill McCormick checks in and shares some incredible news about advancements being made in treating Alzheimer’s.

John Oates

it was great to have John Oates return to the show, this time to talk about his fun new Christmas single, “Santa Be Good to Me,” which features a fun, modern lyric backed with a traditional-style holiday tune.  We discussed working with an amazing studio band like the Time Jumpers, how working with a tight established band differs from working with an assembled group of studio musicians, our love of vinyl, and what we’re going to read in his upcoming memoir to be released next year.

Michelle Forbes

Michelle Forbes is an Emmy-nominated actress (both daytime and prime time) and is currently starring in a new drama series for EPIX, “Berlin Station,” which airs Sunday nights at 9/8c.  We discussed filming in Berlin while several huge world events were taking place, the chemistry of the cast (especially working with the amazing Richard Jenkins), and how there’s nothing wrong with a show featuring all adults (on the other side of 40).

People Magazine’s Antoinette Coulton

We always have a good time chatting with Antoinette Coulton, Senior Editor at “People.” The “Sexiest Man Alive” issue for 2016 was just released featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and the Internet predictably exploded.  We discussed how and why Dwayne was chosen, and how and why a regular guy is supposed to have a chance against a guy that’s built like Superman but is also smart and funny.  Come on!

Colin Quinn

Colin Quinn’s new comedy special, “Colin Quinn: The New York Story,” premieres this Friday on Netflix.  We discussed the theme of the special, along with his one attempt at morning radio, working with Jerry Seinfeld, and an uncalled-for insult on Instagram from Any Schumer.


Catherine De Orio

It’s always fun to chat with “Check, Please!” host Cat De Orio, and this time she helped save me from a pre-holiday meltdown with her hints & tips on making holiday meal prep a little easier.   As you will hear (should you choose to listen — please, oh please!), she had me at “maple bourbon candied pecans” and “pie sundaes.”

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

We always have fun talking to Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, and this time I really needed her help to avoid a pre-holiday meltdown and/or freakout as we get ready to host Thanksgiving at our house.   Alex had some great tips on staying organized, coming up with healthy versions of holiday classics, and how not to drive yourself (meaning me) crazy.

Luvvie Ajayi

Luvvie Ajayi is a popular blogger and the author of “I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual.”  We had a fun conversation about the little things we can do to be better people and contribute more to the common good.  We also commiserated on our mutual disdain for the Comic Sans Font, the unfortunate lack of hygiene on public transportation, and the cavalier attitude toward copyright in a social media world.

Diedre Hall

Diedre Hall has played Dr. Marlena Evans on “Days of Our Lives” for decades.  I was once so addicted to “Days” I basically needed an exorcism to get over it.   Diedre is now starring in a new movie for Hallmark Channel, “My Christmas Dream,” which premieres this Saturday night at 8/7c.  We discussed the family atmosphere at  Hallmark, shooting a Christmas movie the heat of July, and the timeless message of the movie.