Mike Love

mike-loveIt was an honor to chat with Mike Love about his memoir, “Good Vibrations:  My Life as a Beach Boy.”  We discussed the 50th anniversary of “Good Vibrations,”  why he (literally) didn’t get credited as one of rock’s best lyricists, his gift for unforgettable hooks, and his thoughts on today’s music scene.  As a huge fan of The Beach Boys (I wrote & recorded a song about my love for them), it was also an incredible thrill when Mike sang a few bars of my favorite Beach Boys song, “I Get Around.”


The Movie Man reviews “Deepwater Horizon” & “Masterminds”

The Movie Man called in live from his spacious and tidy kitchen to give us his thoughts on “Deepwater Horizon,” “Masterminds,” and what he’s watching on TV in another segment of “4-star DVR.”

Bill McCormick reads a lot of comics

Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center to give us the latest on Supergirl, Dr. Strange, Justice League, Teen Titans, Luke Cage and more.

Chef George Duran

We were happy to induct George Duran into our exclusive Five Timers Club, which gets him a laminated membership card and a 10 percent discount at participating local businesses (of which we have nearly one).   George called in to share some fun fall recipes and defend his guacamole recipe, which set the Internet on fire after appearing in People magazine.

Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet is getting ready to head out on the road with Stryper for their 30th anniversary tour, which is coming to the House of Blues in Chicago on October 31st.  He’s also got a new solo album, “One-Sided War,” which is doing very well on the hard rock charts.  We talked about Stryper’s consistent message, his songwriting process, and the continuing search for the ultimate guitar riff.

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum stars in “Impastor,” which returns for season 2 tomorrow night at 9:30 Central on TV Land.   Michael let us know this season will feature “more murdering, more sex and more drugs,” and he’s planning to work in a few more pratfalls to continue to establish his character as a darker version of “Fletch.”

Tom Dreesen

It was great to chat with the legendary Tom Dreesen about his experiences on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.  We discussed how he got his big break on the show, what he learned from studying Johnny, and how eventually he’d book himself on the show and THEN start to write material.   Fun stories with a Chicago comedy great.

Steve Wilkos

Steve Wilkos called in to talk about Season 10 of “The Steve Wilkos Show,” which airs weekday mornings at 10 on WCIU (The “U”).   We discussed how his show continues to gain new viewers after 10 years while so many of his competitors have come and gone, how he selects the featured topics, and also talked about the dumpster fire of a Bears game last night.

Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza Shlesinger called us from a rotary phone at her parents’ house in Dallas to promote her new Netflix special, “Confirmed Kills,” which debuts today.  We discussed her beef with mermaids, love of shark tank, interactions with wacky morning DJs, and millennials watching live shows on a tiny screen.

The Movie Man on “Magnificent Seven” and “Storks”

The Movie Man called in to give us his thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven” and “Storks,” as well as introduce a new feature called “The Movie Man’s 4-Star DVR.”