David Stanley, author of “My Brother Elvis”

David Stanley is the stepbrother of Elvis Presley.  David began working for Elvis at the age of 16 and has chronicled his stories of Elvis’ last few years in a new book, “My Brother Elvis.”  We discussed why he wanted to share his story, how he wanted to make sure fans understood Elvis the man versus just Elvis the hero, and what he hopes we’ll take away from the book.

Joel Selvin, author of “Altamont”

Joel Selvin is a best-selling author who knows a thing or two about the history of rock & roll.  His newest book is “Altamont: The Rolling Stones, Hell’s Angels, and the Inside Story of Rock’s Darkest Day.”  We talked about why he wrote the book, how he reached out to the key players involved, and whether or not such an event could take place today.

Geoff Downes

Geoff Downes is a member of two classic rock bands in Asia and Yes.   He’ll be performing with Yes at the Copernicus Center in Chicago this Saturday as part of the “Album Series” tour, where the band will be performing the album “Drama” in its entirety, along with sides 1 and 4 of “Tales From Topographic Oceans.”   We discussed re-learning the material, finding the right synthesizer sounds, and where I can find a good used Vox Continental.

Jennie Garth

My son recently discovered “Beverly Hills 90210” on Hulu and was very excited that Jennie Garth was calling into the show.   We talked about balancing work and family, how she’s able to travel wherever she wants without being detected (hint: don’t alert the media before you go on vacation), and what new projects she has in the works.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams is a Tony and Emmy nominated actress, a Grammy nominated singer, a best-selling author, a designer, and a busy mom.  Vanessa called in to share some tips on squeezing in some last minute summer fun.  We also talked about her recent appearance on “Broad City” and how the kids are bringing the ’80s back whether we like it or not.

John Cohen, producer of “The Angry Birds Movie”

John Cohen, producer of “The Angry Birds Movie,” called in to promote the release of the film on DVD and Blu-Ray.  We discussed the lengthy process to get the movie made, how they were able to establish definitive bird and pig characters based on the video game app, working with an all-star voice cast, and what extras we can expect on the DVD/Blu-Ray sets.

The Movie Man reviews “Sausage Party” and “Pete’s Dragon”

In an euphemism and innuendo-filled discussion, The Movie Man gave us his thoughts on Seth Rogen’s “Sausage Party” (where meat-to-bun ratio is of critical importance) along  and then did a complete 180 (which scored a very respectable 7.2 from the judges) and talked about the very kid-friendly remake of “Pete’s Dragon.”  Plus:  what’s the deal with the Olympic diving shower & hot tub cameras?


Studying the success of Suicide Squad with Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick gave us a call from the roaming World News Center mobile headquarters for a lively discussion on Suicide Squad, Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern ‘n’ more.

Diane Warren

Diane Warren is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  She was the first person to have SEVEN songs (by seven different artists!) on the Billboard singles chart at one time.  Most recently, her song “Till It Happens To You” was the first song ever nominated for an Oscar, a Grammy and an Emmy.  It was a thrill to be able to talk to her about the songwriting process and her amazing career.

Penn Jillette

I’ve been a huge fan of Penn & Teller ever since my friend Kevin brought over the VHS tape “Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends” back in about 1986.  It was a thrill to chat with Penn about his new book “Presto” along with sharing some favorite Penn & Teller memories.