Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman and I were born two days apart in the same year, so I’ve always felt a bit of a connection to him, especially growing up and watching him in 80s classics like “The Goonies” and “Gremlins.”   We talked about our star sign similarities and then discussed his music career (and how Weird Al Yankovic was a huge influence in how to write concise lyrics) and his new double album, “Angelic 2 The Core.”

Clint Emerson, author of “100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition”

Clint Emerson is a best-selling author and retired Navy Seal.  His new book, “100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition” is full of ways to protect yourself if things go down at major events, along with other practical survival advice, especially for urban environments.  We discussed safety at sporting events and political protests, and talked about what self-protective gear you should carry (and that’s legal everywhere).

A not at all frightening update from the World News Center

Bill McCormick called us from the brand new headquarters of the World News Center and didn’t scare us at all with updates on the new Power Rangers movie, Suicide Squad, Dr, Strange, Wonder Woman, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.


Scott Crawford, director of “Boy Howdy: The Story of Creem Magazine”

Scott Crawford is a critically-acclaimed writer and director whose latest project is a rock ‘n’ roll documentary, “Boy Howdy: The Story of Creem Magazine.”  We discussed the concept behind the film, how the artists and writers responded when he asked them to participate, and why it was important for him to go the crowdfunding route to get the film made.

See the trailer and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here.



Gail Simmons from “Top Chef”

We always have a good time when Gail Simmons calls in.  Today Gail shared some fun tips for having a memorable summer party, even when it’s 95 degrees outside (perhaps skip the requirement that all guests wear a white linen suit).

Catch season 14 of “Top Chef” this fall on Bravo.

Laura Vandervoort

We always have a good time chatting with Laura Vandervoort, and today she called in to talk about the DVD release of the third and final season of “Bitten.”  We discussed how she learned new things about her character of Elena Michaels during season 3, how the cast found out the series was not being renewed, and whether or not my rudimentary attempts at “Bitten” fan fiction might help with a sequel or prequel.


The World News Center is full of creepy and disturbing robots

Bill McCormick from the World News Center decided once again to both scare the hell out of us and creep us out with tales of robots that will soon take over all of our needs and eliminate the need for interaction with other humans.   Yay?

Talking “Bones” with Eric Millegan

Fans of “Bones” know Eric Millegan for his memorable role as Zack Addy.  Eric called in to share some of his favorite memories from the show and to address potential rumors of the character’s return for season 12.  We also discussed fun of early morning call times, checking message boards, and his appreciation of all the fan support.

Rob Sheffield “On Bowie”

Rob Sheffield is a longtime columnist for Rolling Stone and a best-selling author.  In his newest book, “On Bowie,” he looks back on Bowie’s life and career while reflecting on his own lifelong fandom.   We discussed why Bowie’s death hit us like no other, why radio stations still play the same seven Bowie songs (and why David couldn’t care less about that), and if we’ll ever see such a visionary figure in rock and roll again.

Talkin’ comics with Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick called in from the all new headquarters of the World News Center to talk about the many new superhero series coming to Netflix, along with some comics-related discussion for fans of The Defenders, Luke Cage and Dr. Strange.