Ron Darling

Ron Darling is an Emmy-award winning MLB analyst and of course a former major league pitcher.   His new book, “Game 7, 1986: Failure and Triumph in the Biggest Game of My Life” chronicles his experience as the starter in the deciding game of the ’86 World Series. It’s a refreshingly honest look inside the mind of a top athlete, and we had a fun chat about why he decide to write the book, the vulnerability of professional athletes, and how the 2016 Cubs can possibly live up to expectations.

John Popper

John Popper is a grammy-winning musician as the frontman for Blues Traveler as well as the best harmonica player on the planet.  He’s also the author of a new book, “Suck and Blow: and Other Stories I’m Not Supposed to Tell.”  It was a lot of fun talking to John about why he wrote the book, where the “stories he’s not supposed to tell” came from, the influence of Bill Graham on their career, the state of the music business today, fatherhood and more.


Darron Cardosa, author of “The Bitchy Waiter”

Darron Cardosa is a popular blogger and author of “The Bitchy Waiter: Tales Tips & Trials from a Life in Food Service.”  We had a fun talk about why he initially started the blog & how he was able to turn it into a book, why some customers treat servers so poorly, and what change he would make in the industry if he had the power.

Sylvia Day on her new book “One with You”

Sylvia Day is the best-selling author of the “Crossfire” series of novels.  Today marks the release date of the 5th and final book, “One with You.”  We had a very entertaining chat about her writing process, how her characters direct her to where the story should go, and the television version of the series that’s currently in the works.

Alisan Porter from Team Christina on “The Voice”

Alisan Porter had all four judges turn around following her outstanding performance of “Blue Bayou” during the blind auditions on “The Voice,” and has continued to impress with performances in the battle and knockout rounds.  We discussed a little about her background as a child actress (and why she’s thankful she grew up in a pre-social media era), working with Christina Aguilera, and what she hopes to accomplish with her music career going forward.

Barney Hoskyns, author of “Small Town Talk”

Barney Hoskyns is the author of a fascinating new book, “Small Town Talk,” about the history of the music scene in Woodstock, New York.  He goes beyond the traditional views of Dylan & The Band (and of course the festival) and explores the characters & stories that made the town a continuing hotbed of music for decades.  We discussed Albert Grossman, Todd Rundgren vs. Andy Partridge, and much more in a brief but lively chat.

The Political Talk Show

A couple years ago for April Fool’s Day, I signed on the morning show as if we’d flipped formats to a “Classic Rock” station with a new “shock jock” host, the joke being nothing he did or said was the least  bit shocking.

This year I did something similar (because I realized the night before Friday was April Fool’s Day and I should probably come up with something, and did so quite hurriedly) — a political talk show, hosted by a guy who not only never says anything remotely controversial, but also doesn’t really take a stand or have an actual opinion on anything — he’s just stating facts, but with a bit of an attitude.  The total bit lasted about a half hour on the air (including commercials, traffic & weather, etc), but I’ve broken the actual “political talk show” content down into three short segments.  Enjoy, and try your best to find an actual political opinion in there somewhere.

The Political Talk Show Part 1 (2:56)

The Political Talk Show Part 2 (2:48)

The Political Talk Show Part 3 (4:01)

Bill McCormick on Coffins for Cubs Fans, Ogling Milkmaids, and Brain Stuff

Bill McCormick checked in from the World News Center with a short recap on the huge disparity between the critics and the fans on “Batman v. Superman,” (plus news about an R-rated version coming soon featuring more of Wonder Woman) and then told us about special coffins for Cubs fans, how ogling a milkmaid cured a deadly disease, and new advances in science for your brain.