Michael Raymond-James from “Game of Silence”

Michael Raymond-James stars in NBC’s new drama “Game of Silence,” and he called into talk about what we can expect from the series, which after a successful Tuesday night preview following “The Voice” can now be seen Thursdays at 9c.

Joe Lamp’l from “Growing a Greener World”

Joe Lamp’l, host of the PBS series “Growing a Greener World,” called in to talk about the  impact of single-serve coffee cups and how compostable cups that are now available in certain markets (including Chicago) can help ease the burden on the environment.

Kata Hay from Team Christina on “The Voice”

Kata Hay is impressing viewers and judges alike during her time on “The Voice.”  Kata called in to talk about her experience so far, clear up some wild stories about her background, and share her thoughts on working with Christina Aguilera and what she hopes to accomplish with her music career going forward.

Sunny Anderson from “The Kitchen”

“The Kitchen” on Food Network is my favorite way to start Saturday morning, and it was great to catch up with one of the stars of the show Sunny Anderson.  Sunny talked about how I can avoid going from “dad bod” to “bad bod” with her tips for healthy eating on the go, and then we made plans to all meet at fellow “Kitchen” star Jeff Mauro’s new Chicago restaurant “Pork and Mindy’s” for a sandwich.


Kenny “The Jet” Smith

Kenny Smith from “Inside the NBA” called in to talk about his partnership with the National Urban League and Full Court reFRESH to renovate basketball courts in underserved neighborhoods in Chicago and other cities.   We also tried to make sense of a very disappointing Bulls season.

Toni Tennille

Ever since I begged my mom for the money to buy the 45 to “Love Will Keep Us Together” as a preschooler, I’ve had a soft spot for The Captain and Tennille, and I was thrilled to talk with Toni Tennille about her new memoir, “Toni Tennille: A memoir.”  We discussed why she wrote the book (and the difficulties in both recalling and reliving some of her life’s events), what she hoped to achieve with its creation, and why she feared disappointing her fans.  She also confirmed that I did, in fact, actually see one particularly silly sketch on their TV series that I thought I had just imagined as a little kid.

Ira Robbins on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ira Robbins has been covering rock and roll for more than 40 years as publisher of Trouser Press magazine and now on the Trouser Press website.  We had a fun chat about the evening’s events, why Kid Rock inducted Cheap Trick, who’s left in Chicago’s lineup, the grumpiness of Steve Miller and why we can’t see a live broadcast of the show.


Duff Goldman on his new series “Cake Masters”

Duff Goldman’s Charm City Cakes is back on Food Network with a new series, “Cake Masters,” which premieres Monday night at 8c.  This time we get a behind-the-scenes look at the West Coast office, where Duff and the gang are making cakes for the Hollywood elite and more.   We discussed what we’ll see on the series, what surprise guests might be dropping by, and how Duff saved our Easter with his frosting.

The Movie Man reviews “The Boss” and “Hardcore Henry”

The Movie Man called us from the comfort of his own pajamas and gave us his thoughts on Melissa McCarthy in “The Boss” and the original yet disturbingly violent “Hardcore Henry.”

Bill McCormick shares more Internet scams

Bill McCormick from the World News Center called in to give us a quick update on Supergirl and Arrow, and then talked about the latest Internet scams you need to be aware of to avoid becoming one of the 600,000 annual victims.