Bill McCormick on “Deadpool,” Polka DJs & Bending Physics Like Beckham

Bill McCormick checked in from the World News Center to review “Deadpool,” share a story about Polka DJs in Pennsylvania, and tell us how NASA is currently bending the laws of physics.

Maria Thayer on her new series “Those Who Can’t”

Maria Thayer is a very funny comedian actress who’s appeared on TV shows like “30 Rock” and “Arrested Development” and had some very memorable scenes in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”  She’s now starring in a new comedy series for truTV, “Those Who Can’t.” We discussed our mutual background as members of our respective high school forensics teams, sugar addictions, and Michael Madsen’s poetry.

“Those Who Can’t” premieres tonight at 9:30 Central on truTV.

Marty Krofft

Marty Krofft made a return appearance on the show to talk about a special episode of his new series “Mutt & Stuff” coming up on President’s Day, featuring a guest appearance by H.R. Pufnstuf, Cling and Clang, and Freddy the Flute!  Marty also talked about the upcoming reboots of “Elektra Woman & DynaGirl” and “Sigmund & the Sea Monsters.”

Dave Stewart

dave_stewart_bookDave Stewart is a legendary songwriter, producer, guitarist and co-founder of The Eurythmics.  His new memoir, “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: A Life In Music” is an absolute must-read for fans of his music and the music scene of the ’80s and ’90s.  We discussed the intimacy of working as a rock duo, how he achieved the Eurythmics’ timeless sound, and offered me some advice on going beyond chunky chords as a rhythm guitarist.

Kate Flannery on her new film “4th Man Out”

Of course you know Kate Flannery from her memorable portrayal of “Meredith” on NBC’s “The Office.”  She was also a member of The Second City touring company and a star in many productions by Chicago’s Annoyance Theater.  We talked about her career in Chicago comedy as well as her current projects, including the film “4th Man Out,” which is in theaters and on demand today.

The Movie Man is lukewarm on “Hail Caesar”

The Movie Man and I are both big fans of the Coen brothers body of work, but their newest, while certainly entertaining, just falls a little flat.  We also discussed the new Nicholas Sparks film and why you can’t just haphazardly add zombies to classic literature.

Bill McCormick on Facebook memes

Bill McCormick called in from the World News Center to talk about some “sort of true” memes that are going around on Facebook, including Donald Trump’s Nobel Prize nomination, The Dalai Lama hanging out with Hitler, and Chinese chicken that’ll make your brain stop tickin’.  Plus an “I told you so” regarding Supergirl & The Flash.


Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn has a reputation as one of the nicest guys on television and did not disappoint as he called in to talk about the season finale of “Project Runway Junior,” which airs tonight at 8c on Lifetime. We discussed the talent and maturity of the teenage contestants, the quality of the work, and the future of the industry.  After the interview, I felt much better about myself just for having spent a few minutes with him.

Steve Wilkos

Steve Wilkos is currently in the middle of season 9 of “The Steve Wilkos Show,” and he called in to catch us up on what we may have missed and what we’ll see going forward.  We also talked about the changing neighborhood around Wrigley Field (Steve grew up just blocks from the ballpark) and whether or not this is the year.

“The Steve Wilkos Show” airs weekdays at 10am and 5pm in Chicago on WCIU.

Jo Frost on her new show “Nanny On Tour”

Jo Frost is a best-selling author, noted parental advocate and of course one of the most famous nannies in the world.  Jo called in to talk about her new show “Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour,” which airs on the Up TV network.