Couple Days Off

The Big Wake Up Call will be taking a few days off to recover from all of our Oscar party-related shenanigans that we’re certain we’ll be having (invitations should be arriving at any time now, no doubt about it) and we will return LIVE on Thursday, March 3 with special guest Jon Foo, star of the upcoming CBS series “Rush Hour,” and Bill McCormick from the World News Center.

Friday, March 4th we’re LIVE with Louise Harrison, Beatle sibling (sister of George), who is bringing the tribute band she manages, Liverpool Legends, to New York city to re-create the Beatles’ 1964 concert at Carnegie Hall.   We’ll find out if someone will cut off a lock of faux Ringo’s hair.  (Or  faux Ringo’s faux hair.  We’re assuming that’s a Beatle wig!)


The Movie Man’s Oscar Picks

The Movie Man gave us his thoughts on who will be the winners in the major categories on Sunday night, despite his insistence that nobody really cares who wins — they only are about celebrities tripping and potential nip slips.   He also reviewed this weekend’s new releases, including Forrest Gump on Skis (“Eddie the Eagle”) and Watching Someone Else Play a Videogame (“Gods of Egypt”).

Bill McCormick on Star Trek v. Star Trek

Bill McCormick dialed us up from the World News Center to talk about the huge can of copyrighted space worms that’s been opened up by the lawsuit involving Star Trek and Axanar.

Owen Gleiberman on his book “Movie Freak”

Owen Gleiberman was the long-time movie critic for “Entertainment Weekly” and now writes for  His new book, “Movie Freak: My Life Watching Movies,” is a great read — a very personal story of his life reflected through films.   We discussed how the book came about, how his reviews always gave readers a sense of who he was, and who might play him in the movie version of a book about someone watching movies.

Oscar talk with James Berardinelli

James Berardinelli writes for and called in to chat about this year’s Oscars. We discussed the timing of the ceremonies, the broadcast, why the Best Picture category was expanded (and why they still don’t recognize the films they should), and what movie’s got the momentum to be a winner going into Oscar night.


LA Reid

LA Reid’s new memoir is “Sing To Me,” a fascinating look at his career, the artists he’s worked with, and the creation of many of the timeless hits he’s produced.  We discussed why he decided to write the book, how he believes in the artist business vs. the music business, and why sometimes a song might be too big for a singer.   I also accidentally shortchanged him in the introduction on the total of #1 hits he’s produced, so LA set the record straight.  He’s not bragging — he’s just good at what he does.

Shark Tank’s Daymond John

Daymond John from ABC’s “Shark Tank” called in to talk about Miller Lite’s “Tap The Future” contest, where entrepreneurs with an original business idea can compete for $200,000 in funding and receive expert advice from Daymond.  He was joined by Brian Hill, last week’s winner, who shared his experiences on what it was like to pitch his idea to Daymond in person.

Enter online now at

Zoe Cassavetes

Actress, screenwriter and director Zoe Cassavetes called in to talk about her latest film, which she co-wrote and directed, “Day Out of Days.”   We discussed the role of crowdfunding in getting the film made, the value in showing a film on the festival circuit, and whether doors really do start closing on actresses in Hollywood once they reach 40.

“Day Out of Days” is available on Digital HD and On Demand beginning Tuesday, February 23.

Bill McCormick downloads your brain

Bill McCormick checked in from the World News Center with updates on the Supergirl/Flash crossover episode & a new Teen Titans series for Netflix.  Then we discussed how we’re making things easy for our eventual robot overlords by learning how to directly download our brains.

The Movie Man saves a seal & reviews “Zoolander 2” & “Deadpool”

When he’s not reviewing films, The Movie Man  is a part-time superhero and dedicates his life to saving baby seals.  We’re honored to have him as a part of our show.