Kelly Knievel on the new documentary “I Am Evel Knievel”

Kelly Knievel is of course the son of Evel and one of the producers of the new documentary “I Am Evel Knievel.”  Naturally, we talked about how awesome the Stunt Cycle and Scramble Van toys were (and why they were two of the biggest-selling toys of all time).  We also discussed why Evel continues to have an impact so many years later, and what we can expect to see in the documentary, the first one made with the family’s input.

Summer party advice from Alison Deyette

We always have a good time when TV host and lifestyle expert Alison Deyette calls in, and not just because she always gives us some great new cocktail recipes.   Alison shared some fun ideas for summer parties, and was very impressed by my insistence that all of my guests wear white linen suits to my backyard barbecues.

Bill McCormick tells us how we’re going to die

It’s all over, folks.  Polar bears and chimps will soon rule us all.  Bill McCormick shares the details from the World News Center.

Jaime Murray on Season 3 of “Defiance”

Jaime Murray currently stars as Stahma Tarr on the Syfy series “Defiance.”  We talked about how her character has evolved, the explosive premiere episode of season 3, and why St. Louis was chosen as the site for the alien arrival.   New episodes of “Defiance” air at 8/7C on Syfy.

Marcus Lemonis talks Blackhawks, Vince Vaughn and “The Profit”

Marcus Lemonis called in to preview tonight’s new episode of “The Profit” on CNBC.  We also played back his accurate Blackhawks prediction, prompting Marcus to talk about sitting right next to Vince Vaughn at game 4.

Fred Goodman on his new bio of Allen Klein

Fred Goodman is the author of “Allen Klein: The Man Who Bailed Out The Beatles, Made The Stones, and Transformed Rock & Roll.”  We discussed his unprecedented access to Allen Klein’s files, what he learned during his research that surprised him, and why it’s taken this long to get a comprehensive overview of one of the music biz’s most influential figures.

Kevin Sorbo on “Hope Bridge”

Kevin Sorvo called in to discuss his latest project, the film “Hope Bridge,” which aims to open a national dialogue about suicide and depression.  We also talked a little bit about “Hercules” and “Andromeda” and how Kevin remains a normal guy despite his busy schedule immersed in showbiz.


Talkin’ Grillin’ with Donald Faison

Donald Faison emailed me last week and wanted to come on the show.  Of course, he’s always welcome!  It was especially fun to have him on because he didn’t have a TV or movie project to plug — he just wanted to talk about grilling as we head into Fathers’ Day weekend.   We had a great time talking pork chops, ribs, and singing along with The Lumineers.

Marc Roberge from O.A.R.

Marc Roberge from O.A.R. has written a new song for the Special Olympics, “Reach Up,” which also features Cody Simpson, Breanna Bogucki (a singer and decorated Special Olympics athlete), and Madison Tevlin (a young woman with Down syndrome who found fame earlier this year with her cover of “All of Me”).

We discussed how the project came about and why Marc got involved, his songwriting process, what a great song means to him, and how people can get involved in the campaign.

Coca-Cola will donate one dollar to Special Olympics for each fan that shares the “Reach Up” music video on social media using the hashtag #ReachUp.

Jackie Collins on her new book “The Santangelos”

Jackie Collins returned to the show to talk about her new book “The Santangelos.”  We discussed where we find the characters this time around, her upcoming appearance on “Sharknado 3,” and why people like my Aunt Helen think Jackie’s books are “nasty.”