Chris Williams from “One Big Happy”

Chris Williams plays “Roy” on NBC’s new comedy “One Big Happy.”  Chris gave us a perfect synopsis of the show, an excellent one-line elevator pitch for his character, and sent out some specific, non-pandering love to Chicago.   I also gave him some advice for combining his many talents (stand-up comedy, Tae Kwon Do, marathon running) into a killer one-hour special.   A new episode of “One Big Happy” airs tonight at 8:30 central on NBC-5 Chicago.

Tom McGrath, the voice of “Skipper” from “Madagascar”

Tom McGrath is a director and animator who also voices “Skipper” in the popular “Madagascar” series.  We talked about how he almost accidentally became the voice of Skipper, if he’s now known as an “actor’s director,” and when he first knew he’d made it in the business (courtesy of a drive-thru window).

Claire Coffee from “Grimm”

Claire Coffee plays Adalind Schade on NBC’s “Grimm,” which returns with new episodes tonight at 7 central on NBC-5 Chicago.  We talked about how they’re working her pregnancy into the show, the one costume item she can’t do without, and how she loves interacting with fans of the show.  I also gave her a go-to excuse to use when a certain group of dedicated fans criticize the show for not speaking in authentic German.

The Movie Man reviews “Insurgent” and “The Gunman”

Last week, upon hearing of Liam Neeson’s decision not to make any more action films, The Movie Man announced that he intended to become the next middle-aged action star.  Therefore, he’s more than a little ticked that Sean Penn is already attempting to usurp him in “The Gunman.”  He also reviews the “Insurgent,” though he knows that nothing we say about it will keep 16-year-old girls away from the theater.   Make sure you listen to the end of the segment for his latest Twitter war subject regarding Shailene Woodley.

Bill McCormick on little robot buddies

In his weekly segment from the World News Center, Bill McCormick shared some more stories of medical impersonators (this time NOT from Florida), and also talked about a new robot buddy that will soon consume your entire existence.

Nick DiPaolo

Nick DiPaolo’s latest comedy special is “Another Senseless Killing.”  We talked about creating and breaking in new material, how comedy club culture keeps evolving, and had a brief, existential discussion on the true meaning behind Nick’s comedy — kind of.

(If you click on the link above and enter promo code “radio,” you can get a couple of bucks off the price of the special).


Ryan Parker and Bill LeVasseur from “Brainstormers”

Ryan Parker, Bill LeVasseur, and Ryan’s dad “Poppy” are all featured on a new Weather Channel series, “Brainstormers,” which premieres Sunday night and follows their adventures creating new and usual weather-harnessing and weather-fighting inventions.  We discussed how the show came about, what they each bring to the table, and how they hope to inspire others to become tinkerers themselves.

Tony Barrell, author of “Born to Drum”

Tony Barrell is a journalist who has written for England’s “Sunday Times” and many other publications.  His new book is “Born to Drum: The Truth About the World’s Greatest Drummers.”  We talked Ringo, Keith Moon, John Bonham, Ginger Baker and some of the little-known “secret drummers” you may have heard of.

Michael Cimino, casting producer for “Food Fighters”

The home cooks vs. pro chef competition show “Food Fighters” is returning to NBC this year for its second season, and they are looking for home cooks to audition for the show.  There is an open casting call this Saturday in Chicago — go to for all the details.  We were joined by casting producer Michael Cimino, who shared some hints & tips on how to get on the show.

David Eigenberg from “Chicago Fire”

David Eigenberg plays firefighter Christopher Herrmann on NBC’s “Chicago Fire.”  Most people are unaware that the majority of the cast lives in Chicago full-time while the show is in production.  David talked about how he gets stressed out when he finds out his character is featured heavily, and how the show has evolved over the course of three seasons.  We also shared some fun Chicago weather stories.  Catch a new episode of “Chicago Fire” tonight at 9 on NBC-5 Chicago.