Jay Larson from “Best Bars In America”

Jay Larson is a comedian and the co-host of “Best Bars In America,” which returns for season two tomorrow night on the Esquire network.  We talked about Chicago bars, stand-up comedy, day drinking, and how his liver should win a special honorary Emmy award for its tireless work on the series.

Ben Lyons on Spring Movies & TV on DVD

Ben Lyons joined us for his monthly Digital Entertainment News segment to highlight some of the new Spring TV & movie releases on DVD.  As usual, we got a little sidetracked talking Bulls/Knicks and making a “One Shining Moment” highlight reel of Jay Cutler’s 2014 season.

James D. Cooper, director of “Lambert & Stamp”

“Lambert & Stamp” is a fascinating new documentary about The Who, focusing on their management team of Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp.  We visited with director James D. Cooper about what inspired him to tell their story, what The Who still means to the world of rock, and what he hopes people will take away from the film (if someone could be inspired to create a band bigger than The Who, he’ll be happy!).  “Lambert & Stamp” opens in selected theatres this Friday.


James Watt from “Brew Dogs”

James Watt from “Brew Dogs” joined us and we had a fun conversation about what’s new for this season (such as if there will be any more awkward nudity it will be hard for us to un-see), his current favorite style of beer, and his take on the craft beer movement in America.  James also settles a long-running morning show dispute for us.   Make sure you listen all the way to the end to hear James’ surprising declaration.

“Brew Dogs” returns for season 3 this Wednesday night at 9 on the Esquire network.


Brendan Fehr from “The Night Shift”

Brendan felt bad about having to cancel on us last week and was happy to make time for us this morning.  We talked about the cast live tweeting get-togethers (where dancing does happen but he does not participate), how he gets into the mind of an often-troubled character, and how bonding with the rest of the cast is important when it comes to understanding each other’s characters.

Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy

Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy are “Team ValenRue” on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”  We visited with them about their preparations for the upcoming “Latin Night,” how they’re developing their chemistry as dance partners, and how they’re feeling the love on social media.

Bill McCormick answers listener questions

Listeners to The Big Wakeup Call have lots of questions for the World News Center‘s Bill McCormick, and Bill takes the time to answer them this week, discussing Daredevil, Batman and Wonder Woman.

The “Yahoo! Rock Report” is messed up

I got a “Yahoo!” news alert (I don’t know why I’m still subscribed to them) about Van Halen going back out on tour with David Lee Roth.  I clicked through to the article to see a picture of Sammy Hagar accompanying the story.  I then downloaded the “Yahoo! Rock Report” for more details, and it got me wondering just how old their writers are.

Chris Epting, author of “Roadside Baseball”

Chris Epting’s “Roadside Baseball” is now in its new and improved second edition, and chronicles more than 500 important events in baseball history, with detailed descriptions of the event and information on each location (like the West Side Grounds in Chicago — the original home of the Cubs).  We had a great conversation about the book and shared some great childhood baseball memories.


Bianca Kajlich on the return of “Undateable”

“Undateable” is back on NBC for its second season.  Bianca Kajlich called in to share some details of tonight’s new episode (while I unsuccessfully tried to subtly and cleverly trick her into revealing a spoiler).  We also talked about the close relationship of the cast and how the atmosphere changes when you’re back for a second season.  Also listen for a special surprise guest appearance during the interview (SPOILER ALERT:  Bianca’s little one).